The Riftbreaker - Preview, scientists in a dangerous world

You may have already heard the name of The Riftbreaker, a title that we have also explored on our pages and of which we attach the article below. It is a science fiction survival (with some typical management elements) created by EXOR Studio and also published by Surefire GAMES. As of 2017, the team already authored titles such as Zombie Driver, X-Morph: Defense e DIPRIP Warm Up started working on this project. Taking into account the limited resources they had, the public was immediately impressed by the result of the first demo, which arrived later for everyone on Steam, and was also followed by a prologue. After a few months, we're here today to tell you about this latest update, which we got to try. Let's refresh our memory and find out what is new in this update before the official release.

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The narrative of The Riftbreaker

As with the first preview, we were given the opportunity to play a main campaign mission, where we were introduced to the game world. This is structured prior to the storyline of experience that we will be able to test once the game finally comes out on the virtual shelves (for the moment the launch window is set for 2021). We must therefore still fully feel the real narrative sector of The Riftbreaker, but this time we were still able to savor some small ideas of lore and plot, a winning combination that enriches an interesting setting to say the least.

In this section, players are asked to play the role of Ashley S. Nowak, a captain who drives a powerful mech and entered a one-way portal for Galatea 37, to try to colonize the planet light years from the Milky Way, in order to be able to bring with it the inhabitants of the Earth. His suit "Mr. Riggs”Is a central part of the experience, since it allows all the playful solutions that the developer has brought into the work. Gathering resources, building and fighting enemies are still the foundations of this experience, but we also know that the scientist is capable of traversing rifts that cover great distances.

The play sections are still divided into a mix between management - as regards the management of resources and the construction of the base and the various systems - and tower defense, seen that in the course of the night hordes and hordes of extraterrestrial enemies will come to destroy what has been created (even if the actual invaders would be us ...) and take the life of the scientist. During the day it is necessary to collect resources and explore the surroundings, among the various procedurally generated biomes and consequently always various (although still not particularly excellent in level design).

Towards the debut

Compared to the previously tested version, the software house has added several new featureswhile making the system more solid and stable. The combat in isometric view - in which the suit allows you to slaughter hundreds of enemies between blades and bullets - are still tremendously funny, especially when you consider the novelties that keep everything fresh. Unfortunately, the tutorial is not yet extremely clear, also due to a localization in our currently missing language. New structures have also been added, and the map - although certainly not yet perfectly generated - offers undoubtedly more interesting exploration ideas.

During our hours of play we did not find any bugs, and instead we realized how even the technical and graphic issues have been taken care of in recent years by the developer. Visually the game is in fact even more enjoyable than our first tests, and the game settings allow you to adapt the graphic aspect to your system, always considering that everything is really well optimized. In short, we can confirm that we are having a fun and enjoyable experience, but above all promising, which we can't wait to be finalized. In fact, a forerunner to the various modes present, between free play and survival, undoubtedly takes a Carthusian narrative sector, which can raise the peculiarities of this interesting universe to maximum power. Recall that this poses the difficult goal of bring the world of science fiction to the gaming industry in style. We obviously hope to be surprised by the further progress that will be made until the final debut of the work, which we will obviously talk about in due course on our pages; what to say then, see you in 2021!

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