The Pokémon Company announces the new Pokémon Masters game and more!

An important press conference was held today by The Pokémon Company, the company behind everything about the world's most famous pocket creatures. This event revealed short and long term projects, not only for what's already on the market, but also new exclusive announcements! The first big news revealed in the conference concerns Pokémon HOME: this is a new application for smartphones - and not only - that will be based on the cloud, and will allow all Trainers to manage their Pokémon collection directly from there! The launch of The Pokèmon Company's new app is scheduled for early next year, and will be available for iOS, Android and the inevitable Nintendo Switch.

Also for next year, the arrival of another smartphone application, called "Pokémon Sleep". Details about the latter will be revealed only later, but we know that its purpose will be "to transform sleep into entertainment". It does not end there, because it will also come Pokémon GO Plus +, which will also be usable connected with Pokémon Sleep!


However, what most of the fans were waiting for was certainly a new game, and even in this respect we were satisfied! So here's a new title for iOS and Android devices from The Pokémon Company and DeNa: Pokémon Masters. In this there will be many famous Pokémon trainers that we got to know during our long adventures in the various Pokémon games! Further details on the game will be revealed next month.

On the crest of the wave with the release of the new film Detective Pikachu, a new game dedicated to the series coming to Nintendo Switch has also been announced! The work assigned this time a Creatures Inc. it's shrouded in mystery, but we know the team will come up with "something new".

A new one is also coming Pokèmon Quest, dedicated to Chinese territory. The game will be an improved version of the original (thanks to new social and pvp features), and already has over 1,7 million players pre-registered for the title, which will arrive in China thanks to the new partner NetEase. Through the same partner we will most likely see other Pokémon titles arrive in the country in the future.

Finally, not just technology! The new Pokémon clothing line will arrive in Europe and the United States! This is already present in the land of the Rising Sun, and features the original designs of the first generation of Pokémon (the first 151).

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