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That Fifa 10 is the best football game currently on the market is a rather common and widespread opinion, except for the stainless fans of the Konami counterpart. In addition to the robust offer of options and modes present in the package, the EA Sports team already starting last year with Fifa 09 has given life to a further solution called Ultimate Team, offered through DLC and capable of proposing a new, intriguing approach to your virtual sports journey. Given the excellent sales feedback and the enthusiasm of the community, an encore titled very predictably was therefore a foregone conclusion Fifa 10 Ultimate Team, recently available on Xbox 360 and Ps3 online services.

Long live the stickers

The first positive aspect of Fifa 10 Ultimate Team it is identified immediately, when you are preparing to buy the DLC: the price has in fact been halved compared to last year's offer, and now set at 400 Microsoft Points or 4,99 euros on PSN. A more than honest figure in the face of the rich content of the package: Ultimate Team in fact is not an impromptu addition on which to lose a few hours, but a very robust mode capable of capturing anyone who manages to get into its ropes. For those who missed last year's debut, let's make a brief summary; Ultimate Team is a sort of mix between Fifa 10 and a card game like Magic: players, technical staff, stadiums, uniforms, balls are all represented by cards, which make up decks to be expanded and strengthened by purchasing packages from the store. This step can be performed both with "real" money, and with the virtual currency painstakingly collected thanks to one's sports performances on the field. The packs and cards are divided into 3 categories - bronze, silver and gold - which very intuitively distinguish the value and quality of the cards. Also interesting is the possibility to participate in auctions and create exchanges with other users, a social function that adds an important aspect in the development of your deck. But getting good cards isn't enough to build a top team; the starting players must in fact be positioned on a table that represents the field, paying attention to "where" they are placed. Natural roles must obviously be respected, without launching into improbable experiments like Messi at the center of defense, for example; but the attitude of each player for the adopted form is also an important factor, as well as the relationships of affinity with teammates.

For example, two athletes of the same nationality or belonging to the same club team will have a greater harmony, which will help to create a compact formation capable of "playing together" in a profitable way. This factor will also be influenced by the staff, consisting not only of the coach but also of his collaborators; and as if that were not enough, special cards must also be taken into account, with which to guarantee bonuses of various kinds and types to players. All this effort to then, finally, move on to playing football; and even here the offer is very varied, with a whole series of competitions, tournaments and trophies to be faced both in single offline and in online multiplayer. So much meat in the fire then, and a general rebalancing of the product in a less arcade key than last year; shame about an organization of the menus that can be improved which makes some steps uncomfortable and too cumbersome, but in principle Fifa 10 Ultimate Team it is confirmed as a valid, interesting product that deserves to be taken into consideration. Last note for the timing of release, which in the face of the months of "seniority" of Fifa 10 and with the World Cup version coming could overshadow the product.



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Fifa 10 Ultimate Team it takes up the concept inaugurated last year by improving some aspects, but fundamentally tracing in large part the key points that have made it successful. A sure shot purchase then for those who loved this mode in Fifa 09, but more generally a DLC to be considered for anyone who wants to try a new approach to EA's football title.


  • More than intriguing selling price
  • Interesting news compared to last year
  • Longevity - almost - infinite
  • Sometimes cumbersome menus
  • Unsuitable for those who "just" want to play football
  • Questionable exit times
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