The Office: Producers are preparing a new series

Producers of the hugely popular comedy series The Office they are preparing a brand new series. Ben Silverman Paul Lieberstein they revealed it shortly after the pandemic emergency, but now production is preparing to start. It will be, as well as in The Office itself, of another series set on a workplace whose employees, however, will work at a distance, as anticipated by the title Remote. It will come up CBS All Access, CBS's on-demand streaming service and on CBS TV Studios. As stated by the producers, the series is an attempt to talk, amusing the public, of a new normal that has emerged in these times. Smart-working is now a real standard and the comic genius we saw in The Office is about to be transported to this new way of conceiving work.

Many of us attend daily meetings on Zoom, for work or otherwise. We are in a new normal and are finding new ways to always stay connected and productive at work and in home life. With Paul Lieberstein at the helm we think we have a series in our pocket that will not only bring humor and comfort to this terrible time, but also a great new television product for years to come.

The story of Remote will revolve around an office manager who tries to ensure that his staff always remain connected and productive even when working from home, as many are doing right now around the world. For Lieberstein it will be in a certain way easy to create this product, in which the comedy and the office are removed from the office so that only the comedy remains, which will work. Just as it worked previously with The Office (increasingly popular also because it is available on Netflix), since 2006 winner of theEmmy Award. There are still no details on the production, the cast and the timing for the airing, but we are sure that we will be able to update you soon.

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The Office: the producers would like to create a series focused on smart working ❯
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