The New Mutants: Why it wasn't released digitally

Due to the global crisis caused by the Covid-19, the film world has suffered enormous delays. Whether they are productions already finished or to be finished, they are now all on stand-by due to the quarantine. Obviously, the closure of the cinemas has also led to the official releases already scheduled to be postponed by a few months. The only alternative to waiting for the reopening is to publish the titles digitally (as Universal is doing with many of their films). As for the world of Disney, all fans of the saga of X-Men they are wondering why the new arrival, The New Mutants, has not yet been published on the streaming platform Disney +. The fact that it is a film totally outside the world The Marvel movies and Marvel Cinematic Universe - and which therefore should generate less interest in the public - should have convinced the Disney to publish it directly in streaming.

But what are the reasons that led the company to postpone the release again? Most likely everything revolves around the deal with 20th Century Fox, which means that all stocks belonging to the company (for the next two years) will have to come out on HBO. Furthermore, according to the company it would not be worthwhile to sever the contracts made with all the cinemas.

An unfortunate path for The New Mutants, whose release was scheduled for 2018 but due to the entry of 20th Century Fox in Disney had been postponed (having been given priority to X-Men: Dark Phoenix). The new official release date is scheduled for 2020 August , but who knows that the current crisis does not force them to postpone again. We, as usual, will not fail to keep you updated about all the upcoming news.

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