The Midnight Sky - Review of the new film by George Clooney

This Christmas we will see back on the big screen - and in streaming - George Clooney with his new film, The midnight sky. This new original production Netflix wants to re-propose a now classic near future in which the human race has led the planet Earth to the limit and finally had to abandon it in order to survive, however focusing on a scientist who, unlike all the others, decided to not leave, but in the refuge where he decides to settle he will find a surprise waiting for him.

Two parallel stories

Augustine Lofthouse (George Clooney) is a famous scientist who hypothesized the transfer of the human race on a new discovery month di Jupiter since this seems to have such a structure that it could be livable. Years pass, we are in 2047 and in one of the two terrestrial poles all the people are preparing to get in line to be able to take a shuttle that makes them escape from the planet. In fact, the Earth is now close to climatic collapse and no longer livable, for an unknown reason that will never be fully explained to us. The midnight sky opens just with Augustine Lofthouse who warns that he does not intend to get on the spacecraft; the man is now very sick and moreover he has no real reason to leave, preferring rather stay in a station which served as a refuge for people seeking shelter in the most tragic and difficult moments of those years. After the first day of complete solitude and here, however, before the scientist, it reveals itself a little girl. The child does not say a word, but he manages to make himself understood by gestures. obviously Augustine immediately try to notify the shuttle to tell them to go back and be able to board Iris (this is the name of the little girl). But unfortunately from the radio does not come no answer, it seems that the ship is now off the radar of the shelter. The two then start looking on the map for a place that has a more powerful antenna, and discover that there is one weather station further north, about two days away by snowmobile; from here, their journey will begin.

However, the film is not based only on the narration of what he is experiencing George Clooney, but also on what is happening at a space station that orbits around the famous month di Jupiter. In fact, simultaneously with what is happening to Augustine, on this basis five astronauts they are playing a mission on behalf of NASA in which the group should have determined whether it might actually be possible to go and live on that similar planet. Unfortunately, however, communications with the Land have interrupted for about three weeks for no apparent reason and the five begin to fear the worst. In addition to that, the space base comes into contact with a shower of babies meteorites which damages some parts of the instrumentation, an event that will therefore force the astronauts to go out into open space to try to solve what could result in a real death sentence, all while trying to get back in touch with the human species.

A very disappointing adventure

Despite a really worthy cast of note in which, in addition to the aforementioned George Clooney, names like Felicity Jones e Kyle Chandler, and one photography e sound compartment really good, The midnight sky its flaw in the history. There is no real obiettivonor a real one end o purpose reached up. All the film fails to make real sense to the plot, which arrived at the end of the two hours leaves the viewer with a bad taste in the mouth and dissatisfaction with what he has just seen. In addition to a few small CGI scenes that could have been done much better, another negative point is i twists. The film it practically never manages to surprise or to leave you speechless given that i cliche are the usual seen and reviewed. Basically, the film turns out quite enough boring and fails to involve the viewer enough, ending up being saved only by the excellent acting of the actors and by technical sector that manages to bring out some really noteworthy scenes visually characterized by a particularly apt soundtrack.

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