The Medium: updated PC requirements and released a new trailer

In a few days, precisely the January 28, the “next-gen” era at home Microsoft products will finally be able to say so thanks to the first and true new chapter exclusively dedicated to the recently released consoles: Xbox series X e Xbox TV Shows S. Not forgetting of course also the owners and players on PC, the new adventure developed by Bloober Team is preparing to be released simultaneously both on the shelves of all stores (as well as obviously also in digital format), but also on the well-known proprietary subscription service of Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass. The Medium, for those subscribed to the service, it will in fact be available from day one as well as all future games developed by first party studios, or as it would be more correct to call them, by Xbox Game Studios.

Today the development house wanted to re-release a dedicated trailer, which for convenience we leave at the head of the article, but also a new, updated, and detailed infographic about the minimum features, recommended and recommended to fully enjoy the new adventure. for all those who will take part through the PC. As you can see from the image below, the game requirements have been further updated with the recommendation data to also take advantage of the technology of the game. Ray-tracing:

Recommendations that will certainly not make the many users happy who hoped to be able to fully exploit the power of their machines, considering that, to enjoy everything to the fullest, it will be necessary to have at least a brand new (and "very rare") GeForce RTX 3080.

In the dedicated video, however, entitled "What Does A Medium Do? ”, The software house illustrates what it means to be a medium like Marianne and shows us some of the psychic abilities he can use to navigate the spirit world and unravel its mysteries. We remind you again that The Medium will be released on Xbox Series X / S and PC on January 28th.

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The Medium - Preview of the new work by Bloober Team ❯
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