The Medium: the new trailer confirms a link with Observer

A few days after its official release, The Medium continues to be talked about thanks to the continuous publication of new information and videos that are surely making the mouth water of all fans of the horror genre. After showing the world a stunning live action trailer, today the guys from Bloober Team have released a new video in which they are shown "Facts Disturbing"Regarding the creation, development and plot of this new survival horror, including the fact that the game could be set in the same universe as Observer, the previous work of the Polish team released in 2017.

Marianna's house, where the game will begin, is located inside a real palace in Krakow, Poland. As it happens, the same building - or rather, what will remain of it in 2084 - can also be encountered in Observer, the previous title developed by us at Bloober Team.

The trailer, presented by the community member of the Polish software house Michal Napora, speaks without too many words about how The Medium can in all respects be a prequel of Observer, as the city of Krakow it appears to be the same in both productions. This thing, however, could also be not exactly 100% correct, as Napora, continuing in the video, talks about how they will be scattered throughout the game several references and easter eggs to their previous games, so this mansion might just be a Bloober Team wink at one of their most recent releases.

The video that you can also find at the top of the news focuses on many other interesting things about this survival horror, such as that white energy flashing on Marianna's arm it measures how much spiritual energy remains in our protagonist. These types of indicators present on the body of our character allowed the development team to remove as much as possible any type of interface present on the HUD, leaving much more space for the player's view. Finally, we remind you that The Medium is scheduled for arrival on Xbox Series X / S and PC on January 28th and that Napora announced it as one of the longest-lived works of Bloober Team, capable of keeping players glued to the pad for more than 10 hours.

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