The Medium: the lead designer talks about a secret feature

During the Xbox video conference, held in live streaming on May 7, Bloober Team announced The Medium, a third-person survival horror story closely inspired by genre classics, such as the celebs resident evil e Silent Hill: In The Medium, players take on the role of Marianne, a psychically talented woman, haunted for years by visions of the murder of a child. In the final attempt to uncover the truth behind these illusions, Marianne travels to an abandoned hotel resort, and from here the adventure begins. During an interview granted to Eurogamer, the Lead Designer Wojciech Piejko talked about some peculiarities concerning the development of the title.

At first, although the eerie atmosphere and psychological fears are central to this experience, Piejko says the team is striving to provide something deeper: "We are designing the game as if it were a movie, planning the best shots and the best camera angles." As for why the studio took 8 years to fully unveil the game, Piejko explains that "only the potential of the new generation has been able to provide us with the necessary tools for the result we really wanted to achieve. That's why we have been waiting for the game for a long time ”.

When the journalist asks him what the real difficulty has been in having held the studio so far, in response the blame is attributed to a "super secret feature”Featured in The Medium. Man, for the moment, has only revealed to us that it has to do with how the worlds interact with each other and how we will experience them. Before leaving, we remind you that the work of The Medium, coming from the same authors of Layers of Fear e Blair Witch, will arrive as an exclusive Xbox Series X e Microsoft Windows.

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