The Medium: revealed the voice actor of the villain of the title

The latest work of the Polish developers Bloober Team, shown in recent months on several occasions during the various videogame events, has been able to make people talk about both for better and for worse. The Medium -this is the title of the project- is a horror game capable of leveraging above all on a psychological level and that will also be able to propose new game mechanics thanks to the power of the new consoles. Just during the last fair in chronological order, the current one Gamescom 2020, the work was again shown illustrating to everyone a new and important character, complete with an actor from the counterpart, who will be present during the adventure.

We are talking about game villain The Maw ("Le Fauci"), interpreted in the movements by an unspecified actor, but voiced by another person very well known within the videogame world but also in the cinema in general: Troy Baker. In his curriculum there are some films for the small and for the big screen, but where he has been able to give his best is in the world of the videogame market. He is in fact the one who has taken on the clothes of the much loved one Joel of The Last of Us and in TLOF Part 2, by Higgs in Death Stranding and of Sam Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. As we said, the motion capture sessions were conducted by another person while the face and the known voice of Troy Baker dubbed the lines of the villain in full "smart-working" style, that is to say directly from the living room of his own home. .

He also wanted to break some arrows in favor of the game by declaring that the atmosphere and the air that you breathe within the title remind him a lot of those seen and experienced in other works such as Silent Hill or Dead Space. The release of The Medium has not yet been specified, however the title by Bloober Team will be released exclusively on PC e Xbox Series X. At the following link we leave you to our preview where you can collect as much information as possible about the game.

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