The Medium on PS5? Bloober team does not rule out the possibility

Just today other interesting indiscretions came out from the boys of Bloober team about their upcoming next-gen title: The Medium. Jacek Zięba, game producer e Wojciech Piejko, project leader, leaked some juicy information during their interview for VG247, English blog dedicated to video games.

During the interview, the reporter Tom Orry asked a well-aimed question to know the team's future plans regarding The Medium, currently the most ambitious title of the Polish development house. When asked “The Medium will come up PlayStation 5? " the producer Zięba replied, saying: "For now, we're only focusing on Xbox and PC“, Not denying that this may happen in the future. After all, the same Blair Witch, a first-person survival horror title from the same development team, four months after its release on PC and Xbox One, it also arrived for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 almost a year later.

The Medium is a third-person psychological horror. We will have to take on the role of Marianne, a medium divided between two worlds, the real and the spiritual, in the hope of discovering what lies behind the horrible visions related to the murder of a child. The title was presented during theInside Xbox last year and immediately became one of the most anticipated titles of the new generation, able to take full advantage of the features of the new consoles with a resolution in 4K and the presence of ray-tracing. Bloober team is therefore aiming higher and higher, thinking of well-known titles such as Observer, Layers of Fear and the aforementioned Blair Witch, consolidating with the latter their predilection of the studio for psychological horror titles.

We remind you that The Medium will be released on January 28 for Xbox Series X / S and for PC on Steam and Epic Games Store while, as regards the possibility of seeing it on PlayStation 5, we just have to wait for developments in this regard. In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at our preview of the title.

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