The Medium: officially presented the new terrifying live action trailer

Over the last few hours Bloober Team has released the terrifying new live action trailer for The Medium, the psychological horror video game coming next January 29 2021 exclusively on next-gen Microsoft consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and PC. The title sees as the protagonist Marianne, a woman able to use her spirit form to move within the beyond world using this incredible ability to more effectively solve the many puzzles she will find along her path. The new live action trailer is directed by Paweł Maślona and allows us to take a further look at the evocative and threatening world of The Medium in a completely different way.

After the success of  Layers of fearObserver and the most recent one Blair Witch, Bloober Team promises once again to be able to surprise the many fans waiting, thanks to an adventure with extremely dark tones able to involve players in an increasingly immersive and terrifying gaming experience. The Medium will feature the duality of the character of Marienne who, as previously anticipated, is able to exploit her spiritual form to move freely in a dimension parallel to hers. This will be possible on the screen thanks to a double fixed camera, so you can explore at the same time both realities that surround our protagonist.  

Become a medium who lives in two worlds, the real one and the spiritual one. Take on the role of a medium who lives in two worlds. You will have a broader perspective and you will be able to see more clearly that there is no single truth behind what others perceive. Nothing is as it seems, every coin has its downside. The Medium has a "double" soundtrack by Arkadiusz Reikowski of Bloober Team and legendary composer Akira Yamaoka, known for Silent Hill. Discover a dark mystery that only a medium can unravel. Travel to an old Communist-era hotel and use your special psychic abilities to uncover its disturbing secrets, solve dual reality puzzles, survive encounters with dark spirits and explore two realities at the same time.

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The Medium: new long official gameplay presented ❯
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