The Medium - Guide and advice to the missions of the game

The Medium is a psychological horror developed by Blooper Team for platforms Microsoft products, PC e Xbox Series X e S. Follows the events of Marianne, a medium who will have to use her powers to discover the secrets that are hidden from the abandoned Niwa Hotel and help the spirits enclosed in the place. If you missed our review, here it is here. Below we reveal all the missions in the game and how to complete them. The title will not always explicitly tell you what the next goal to accomplish is, for this we will try to be as specific as possible when necessary.

Before leaving you to read, we would like to specify that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to The Medium, regarding different playful sections and different details on the story created by Blooper Team. We strongly advise you to continue with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

Say goodbye to Jack

  • Find the tie clip
  • Go to the funeral home
  • Get Jack ready for his final journey
  • Check the stairs

Find Thomas

  • Go through the gate
  • Enter the resort
  • Enter the hotel
  • Look for Thomas
  • Meet Sadness on the second floor
  • Investigate Thomas's Office - Here is our guide to finding the secret room and solving the grandfather clock puzzle
  • Look for the secret room

Run away from the monster

  • Continue linearly in the adventure

Find Richard

  • Follow Sadness
  • Enter the living room
  • Take the wire cutters
  • Follow the trail of the spirit
  • Return to the mirror
  • Send Bernard's soul away
  • Send away the souls of the other victims - solve the conference room puzzle
  • Enter the living area

Investigate the living area

  • Continue linearly in the adventure

Free Richard from his demons

  • Continue linearly in the adventure

Find the Red House

  • Go through the forest
  • Follow the dog
  • Investigate the field
  • Run away from the monster

Find a passage through the ruins

  • Open the gate
  • Get rid of the monsters

Find the Red House

  • Investigate the tool shed
  • Investigate the burnt house

Find a way to stop Henry

  • Continue linearly in the adventure

Investigate the Red House

  • Uncover the secrets of Thomas's house
  • Find a way to open the secret door

Find a passage through the underground corridors

  • Drain the water to clear the passage

Investigate the bunker

  • Turn on the generator
  • Find a new fuse
  • Fix the generator
  • Find the missing piece of the mirror

Find a way to the lake

  • Continue linearly in the adventure

Tips and advice for The Medium

Here are some little tips to complete the journey of Marianne in The Medium:

  • When you can, run. Marianne walks quite slowly, so even if you are not in danger it is preferable to let her run.
  • Always pay attention to both worlds. Marianne can move and interact with both the material and spiritual worlds. Most likely when you find yourself stuck it is because you forgot something to do in the other world, so go back and check if you haven't done it before.
  • Always keep an eye on Marianne's spirit power level. In The Medium you can always know how much spirit power remains to the protagonist simply by looking at the white circles on her arms, always pay attention to it
  • Listen to the spirits. As you explore the Niwa Hotel you will find objects that keep traces of the people who once lived there. When you are near special objects you will hear voices coming from there, always pay attention
  • Wear headphones. As the game also suggests, The Medium is played much better when wearing headphones, this is because it makes it easier to hear the whispers of the spirits and even Maw's footsteps.
  • Investigate each place carefully. Almost every place you visit has at least one object that is important to the game's storyline, so be sure to carefully explore each setting.
  • Examine everything you can. There are a lot of things to examine at the Niwa Hotel, and a lot of objects can hide small important information that could help you both complete the game and better understand the world around you.
  • Collect notes, postcards and pictures. Hidden at the Niwa Hotel are a lot of collectibles that will give you clues as to what really happened. By finding them all you will be able to get the full picture of the situation and understand everything perfectly
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The Medium - Guide to opening the secret passage of Thomas's office ❯
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