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The Medium is a game developed by Bloober Team which has within it gods puzzle to be solved at times even difficult. In this article we present one of these, the one related to conference room. We remind you that if you missed our review of The Medium you can easily recover it here.

Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to The Medium, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by Bloober Team. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

The enigma of the conference room will be addressed during the mission in which we will have to find Richard entering the living area when trying to get the wire cutters, we will have to chase away the souls of the other victims of The maw. These souls will be two, one of a man and one of a woman, and we will come across the puzzle just as we are looking for the name of the first.

How to chase away the souls of other victims in The Medium

As mentioned earlier, during the mission to obtain the wire cutters, you will come across two trapped souls, and you'll have to free them both, in any order you want, to get the item. To do this you will need to find both their masks and their names. The soul on the right belongs to a woman and you will find everything you need to free her by following the trace of the spirit to your right. You will have to solve some minor riddles, but nothing complicated. The soul on the left instead belongs to a man and, while finding the mask will be quite simple, finding out his name may require a lot more of your attention.

How to solve the conference room puzzle

Before starting it is right to underline how it will be very important and you will have to pay close attention to what objects you will interact with and in what order you will do it. Because otherwise you will risk not being able to interact anymore with certain objects and then you will no longer be able to solve the puzzle. The only way out of such a situation will be to reload a previous save. That said, let's solve the puzzle!

The conference room is divided between two different rooms; the first will be accessible crossing the mirror, which will be unlocked once the mask of man in the spirit world is collected. Once through the mirror, Marianne he will find himself in an abandoned conference room; head to the left side of the room and grab the phone that you will find near an open door. You will then have to listen to the trace of the spirit, so that Marianne knows that she will have to visit the room at the end of the hall to find out the man's name. Knowing this, exit the room, go down the corridor and enter the only open door that will lead you to one small room for meetings.

Once inside read the attendance sheet who is on the table to know who was in the room. This will allow you to interact with the chairs, but don't touch them for now. Doing so will prevent you from interacting with some specific objects that would otherwise block the puzzle and your progress in the game. Instead you have to go to the top of the room and interact with the ashtray. Listening to the trace of the spirit on its basis will inform you that the man you are looking for did not appreciate to be sitting in front of a man named Boris. The chair number nine it's the last one in the bottom left corner. Once inspected, go to the opposite side to find the one numbered with four.

Returning to attendance sheet one last time, Marianne will understand the real name of the soul she wants to save. Now you can return to the trapped souls. Always keep a watchful eye for The Maw, who will be invisible, and leave by going to the mirror door. The easiest way to avoid The Maw here is, while hold your breath of Marianne and you will be lowered, always stay on the left of the corridor, until she goes out the door. At this point you can safely enter the room e run to the mirror. Now you just have to free the soul man.

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