The Medium and PC requirements, the developers explain the high demands

The wait for The Medium, new work of Bloober Team, has practically almost come to an end with the game coming to the stores Microsoft products in two days, Thursday 28 January 2021. The title of the Polish study will be the first release Next Gen for the new one Xbox Series X / S and at the same time it will also make its debut on PC. Given the imminent arrival of the game, the developers have preferred to clarify a situation that has left many players in the PC world perplexed during the last week, that is to say a concrete explanation for the request of the extremely demanding minimum and recommended requirements to enjoy the new psychological horror title on Personal Computer.

The fact that The Medium was technically a Next Gen title was in fact predictable from the very first official presentations, with the most important premise of the title being that of wanting split the action on screen in two separate sections and corresponding to their respective narrative planes of existence. In fact, in The Medium we will impersonate Marienne, a psychic capable of scrutinizing the veil between two worlds, the one most familiar to us that is that real, and the more elusive and mysterious one belonging to the spirits. The courageous choice made by Bloober Team was therefore to load the graphics engine of two scenarios theoretically overlapping that yes move distinctly from each other on the same screen, following the protagonist's movements and alternating in some contexts.

If the idea of ​​coexistence of parallel dimensions overlapping, introduced by the Polish developers, has clear advantages scenic e immersive for the player, it also has the cons of loading the ductile U with the double the weight computational which is normally required by any video game. For this reason the use of a state-of-the-art components to make the most of all the potential of the title, was strongly recommended from developers to PC players, even if they are aware of the huge monetary costs involved. To make the most of the resolution on a PC with theRTX to a good framerate it will in fact be necessary to opt for the very expensive and unobtainable ones GeForce RTX 3080. The same concept also applies to consoles like Xbox One X / S which were cut off from the project due to the same technical limitations.

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