The Medium: according to a leak it will only run on Xbox Series X thanks to the SSD

UPDATE: In an interview with Gamespot, Wojciech Piejko (lead game designer of the game) confirmed that the unique features of the game would not be suitable for the current generation. In the minds of developers since 2012, this feature is still a mystery: we only know the purpose, which is to develop methods of simultaneous games in single player titles.

One of the titles that has received the greatest interest and attention during theInside Xbox a few days ago it was The Medium, work currently in progress at the studios of Bloober Team (Layers of Fears; Blair Witch; Observer) and out on Xbox series X in exclusive time (here our preview of the title). According to some leaks that appeared on the well-known Reddit portal, it would seem that the title in question is in development only for next generation consoles.

The reason behind this theory is the fact that the SSD mounted on both Xbos Series X and PlayStation 5 will guarantee instant transitions between one scenario and another; consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, without a Solid State Drive, would not be able to process.

Several users have responded to the comments in a rather conflicting way, between those who do not believe that this is possible, and those who instead affirm that on some existing titles transitions of this type are actually used. It will be necessary to see in the future if and how the software house will decide to implement this possible mechanic in The Medium. In the event that these rumors were also founded the version for PlayStation 5will most likely enjoy the same feature.

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The Medium is shown with a reveal trailer at the Inside Xbox ❯
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