The Mandalorian: Cory Barlog anticipates the arrival of a video game?

The flagship director of Santa Monica and creator of the series God of War Cory Barlog, via his Twitter account, recently teased fans by suggesting that a title dedicated to the series may be currently in development. The Mandalorian, whose second season is currently underway on the streaming platform Disney +. You can find Cory Barlog's words and translation in the Tweets below:

and by great single player I mean a strong focus on character development with relatable human triumphs, losses + seemingly impossible decisions to wrestle with.

Not just shooting, but surviving - both physically and emotionally. though I would hope the shooting would be fun.✊

- Cory Balrog 🖖 (@corybarlog) December 8, 2020

If no one is working on a single player game on The Mandalorian where you play the role of a bounty hunter, flying from system to system with your ship to collect bounties, upgrade your Beskar armor and participate in great adventures, then there is. something is wrong. And by “great single player” I mean with a particular attention to the development of the character with lots of triumphs, losses and decisions that are impossible to manage.

Not just shooting, but surviving, both physically and emotionally. Though I think just shooting would be fun too. I bet there is some developer who is secretly working on a similar project and liked my tweet as if to say "I am here!". Speaking to this person (totally made up that I created in my mind), I say "This is the way".

As for The Mandalorian, the series was born from an idea of Jon Fraveau (famous director and screenwriter Disney e The Marvel movies), and was created in collaboration with Lucasfilm. The first season was made available on Disney + starting from 12 November 2019, while the second debuted on the streaming platform on 30 October 2020. The Mandalorian is in effect the first live action TV series set in the universe of Star Wars and its events take place about 25 years before those narrated in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and five years later those narrated there Return of the Jedi. Among the main characters, in addition to the Mandalorian played by Pedro Pascal, we find The Child / Grogu (incorrectly known as Baby Yoda), a fifty-year-old infant belonging to the same race as the teacher Yoda able to use the Force.

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