The Mandalorian: actress Gina Carano will no longer be part of the cast

The well-known actress Gina Carano, best known for his role as a soldier Cara Dune for The Mandalorian, series distributed by Disney +, was fired from the series. The statement comes through an article published by io9, who received the news directly from a representative of the Lucasfilm, who reported the following:

Gina Carano is not currently employed at Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her in the future. Furthermore, his social media posts that denigrate people on the basis of their cultural and religious identities are abominable and unacceptable.

The news does not come entirely by surprise, given the recent controversy due to his critical posts on social media. In fact, Carano published a post in which he compared the current American republic to being Jewish in the period of the Holocaust, which inflamed much of the internet, coming to create the hashtag #FireGinaCarano (Licensed Gina Carano), who managed to get in trend in the last period due to other comments released by the actress. We also remember that Carano has been a voice against the use of masks in public places for the prevention of COVID-19, even going so far as to conspire against the presidential elections that took place during last 2020.

It also appears that Lucasfilm was intent on announcing in December that Gina Carano would be part of the spin-off series of Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic, having her character, Cara Dune, as the protagonist. According to some sources in the American magazine Hollywood Reporter, after what happened last November with the tweets released by the actress, it was decided to do otherwise.

He decided to take some serious steps too the United Talent Agency, making the decision to end their relationship with Gina Carano, of which he was their client. In fact, it seems that the agency has been trying for two months to find a good excuse to fire her, and that the arrival of the new controversies was the last straw that made UTA take the decision, according to some internal company sources. .

Carano's character, Cara Dune, was highly regarded within the TV series during the two aired seasons of The Mandalorian, losing more and more fans as her controversies continually became more sour and heartfelt on social media. Currently it remains to be seen what will become of his character and who will take his place in the main series and in Rangers of the New Republic, a spin-off still in production.

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