The Mandalorian 3: the new season is absent in the Disney + catalog

We recently talked about the upcoming productions dedicated to the saga of Star Wars, but the attention falls on the future third season of The Mandalorian. Disney has planned a list of the next series dedicated to the saga - many scheduled for 2021 -, but the confirmation of the work focused on the stories of from Djarin e Baby Yoda is the one that puts the most hype of all. The Mandalorian 3 will be produced soon after the miniseries The Book of Boba Fett, starring Temuera Morrinson e Fennec Shand.

2021 will be a full year, full of news and high expectations for the Disney film house, in fact, it will not only be the Star Wars saga to flesh out the catalog, but also the Marvel superheroes will make their debut for the new year with some really interesting projects. The fact that has intrigued fans of the universe created by George Lucas is that nn the streaming catalog is present only The Book of Boba Fett and no mention of The Mandalorian 3.

Strange for many, mainly because both titles will be available for December 2021. An absence that made fans worry, but we can hypothesize a possible postponement of the episodes dedicated to the adventures of the bounty hunter played by Pedro Pascal. According to statements made by John Fraveu, executive producer and creator of the series, filming on The Mandalorian 3 will begin immediately after those dedicated to the stories of Boba Fett. Before drawing hasty conclusions, it is therefore better to wait for an official announcement that will ascertain the situation and clarify any doubts.

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The Mandalorian: announced the release window of the third season ❯
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