The Mandalorian 3: here's what we expect from next season

It's been a few days since the last breathtaking episode of the second season of The Mandalorian. For those who have not yet seen it, we would like to clarify that this article will be chock full of spoilers, and for this reason we advise you to rush to recover all Season 2 on Disney +, and to come back here to find out what we expect from the third. Yes, because although these last episodes have closed some pending issues, the desire to find out what the destinies of Command, Grogu, Boba Fett and all the amazing characters that Jon Favreau e Dave Filoni they brought (and brought back) on the scene, it is sky high. Given the announcements of last Disney Investor Day, we know that the third season of The Mandalorian will arrive next Christmas, perhaps at the same time (or a few days away) with The Book of Boba Fett, another highly anticipated work announced for a generic December 2021 which, according to Paul Bateman (concept designer and art director) should be a product in itself compared to the one centered on the Mandalorian. In anticipation of these very long 12 months that separate us from discovering what the future of the galaxy far away will hold for us, we tell you our impressions and hopes on what it will show us. The Mandalorian 3, a fundamental piece in the Star Wars saga.

A ten and praise ending

The last episode of the second season ended in the best possible way. This chapter XVI was one of the most anticipated and followed events of Disney +, so much so that it crashed the streaming platform for a few minutes. Our Mando, with the help of Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, Cara Dune e Bo-Katan managed to snatch Grogu from the clutches of Moff gideon, in addition to having won, in the clash with the latter, the Darksaber. This, in all likelihood, will be one of the key elements of next season. Not only. The Jedi who will train Grogu, as he had anticipated Ashoka Tano, has finally revealed itself, and is the Jedi with a capital J: Luke Skywalker.

The latter, after a heartbreaking goodbye between our iconic duo, took little Grogu with him, promising Mando that he would take care of him and that he would directed on the path of the Force. The plot circle therefore seems to have closed, but we know that the story of The Mandalorian still has a lot to tell us. Will Mando and Baby Yoda meet again? What will be the fate of Mandalore, and how will the dispute for Darksaber be resolved between Din Djarin and Bo-Katan? Who did he give Grogu Moff Gideon's blood to? And what will be the future of the other characters, above all that of Boba Fett? The questions that The Mandalorian 3 must answer are many. So let's recover the threads of the discourse and proceed in order.

The Mandalorian 3: the fate of Mandalore

Let's start with the protagonist of the series, Din Djarin. The Mandalorian has managed to complete the mission started in the first episode, protect Grogu and deliver him to his "clan", the Jedi. The moment in which he was forced to leave the Child to his new teacher, Luke, was one of the most heartbreaking of the entire series, indeed, of the entire Star Wars saga. However, Mando's story didn't end there. During the clash with Moff Gideon, he managed to get hold of the Darksaber, a dark lightsaber with an unknown history, seen for the first time in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This one-of-a-kind sword is a symbol of power, which allows its owner to ascend to the throne of Mandalore, home planet of the Mandalorians. Bo-Katan herself, sister of the former Duchess of Mandalore Satine Kryze, decided to help Din in his rescue mission only following the promise that the sword would end up in his hands.

Unfortunately, however, Mando cannot deliver it to him of his own free will. The weapon must in fact be won in a duel, because only his winner can gain the trust of the Mandalorians, who will look to him as new Mand'alor, leader of his people. As Moff Gideon said, it is the Dark Saber story that gives the power, not the sword itself. In the next season, where presumably there will be a time jump of a few years, this knot must therefore be untied. Will Mando ascend the throne of Mandalore? Will he clash with Bo-Katan or will the two find a peaceful way to settle the issue, avoiding guns? In light of these questions, it seems legitimate to hypothesize that we will find out more about Din Djarin's past and his education on the way to Mandalore. The same planet, therefore, could return to the spotlight after what we have seen in The Clone Wars.

The Mandalorian 3: Grogu's training

The other protagonist of the series, Grogu, has finally found a new master. Luke Skywalker, after destroying the Dark Troopers, he took his new Padawan and the two with him, along with the iconic droid R2-D2, they left for a new chapter in the life of the little one. However, we know that, as Moff himself declared, the Empire has obtained the object of its desire, since the doctor Pershing He managed to take the Child's blood. And if then Baby Yoda is safe, under the protective wing of his new Master, what will become of his blood? May this open a connection between The Mandalorian 3 and the new trilogy of the franchise, which ended last year? In fact, it seems that the blood of Grogu will be used to give life to the First order, indeed, more specifically, al Supreme Leader Snooke. However, having left for his training, probably our Baby Yoda will have less space in the next season, also because, as mentioned above, this could be focused on the reconquest of Mandalore and on the thorny issue related to Darksaber. We do not believe, however, that Grogu will be totally absent from the screens, as we may see gods glimpses of his training with Luke, through a parallel narrative.

However, we cannot be totally safe for the Child's safety, and perhaps Luke Skywalker himself may have been his sentence. We know that in the years of The Mandalorian, Luke was busy researching Jedi temples and artifacts as he wanted to rebuild the Order. Our Skywalker then founded his own Academy, which his nephew was also a part of Ben Solo. As we have seen in The Rise of Kylo Ren, comic written by Charles Soule and designed by Will Silneyjust Ben destroys his uncle's academy. So if Grogu were still with Luke, it is likely that unfortunately he was a victim of the massacre. However, as has already happened for the66 order, the Piccolo could also have been saved and maybe he could already have reunited with Mando when Kylo Ren carries out his massacre.

The Book of Boba Fett

The final frames of this season finale see Fennec Shand and revived Boba Fett killing Bib Fortuna and take possession of the Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. A black screen then announces thearrival of The Book of Boba Fett for December 2021. The announcement initially created a lot of confusion among fans, who wondered if this was the title of a spin-off dedicated to the bounty hunter, or if it was the name of the new story arc that we will see in the third season of The Mandalorian. However, we know that Pedro Pascal, the actor under Mando's helmet, ha signed a contract for The Mandalorian 3, therefore we lean more towards the first hypothesis.

What will this book have in store for us? We have already got to know some first information about the past of this “simple man, trying to make his way through the galaxy” in this second season of The Mandalorian. It will therefore be interesting to continue to discover details about the character, who appeared for the first time in the classic trilogy in which he uttered only four lines, to see what is hidden under the helmet that once belonged to his father. We can assume that it will start again from the harrowing scene seen in Episode II, with Boba picking up the helmet of Jango fett after the latter's death. We already know that, as a foundling, he was welcomed by the Mandalorians and educated on the way to Mandalore, albeit in a less rigorous way than Din Djarin. We therefore think this new series he will explore his past and, perhaps, we will find out how he lost his armor and how it ended up in the hands of Cobb Vanth, before Mando recovered it and returned it to him. So we just have to wear the helmet, take up the blaster, and wait for next December to find out what The Mandalorian 3 will have in store for Din Djarin, Grogu and Mandalore.

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