The Mandalorian 2: the series will be released without delay

All the fans Disney and the universe of Star Wars they wonder what will become of the long-awaited return of the Mandalorian. Today we can finally say that The Mandalorian 2 will be out on the platform soon Disney +. Despite the crisis caused by the CoronaVirus, which led to the postponement of the release of many titles and a forced break for the filming of as many, the CEO Disney Bob Chapek has stated that the production of the series will not be compromised. In fact, in an interview with CNBC he stated:

There will be no delays in the production of The Mandalorian 2. We were able to finish the important shooting by mid-March, which is the beginning of the pandemic. Despite the current crisis, post-production will be able to continue without problems.

As for the first chapter, The Mandalorian is set just after "Return of the Jedi" and the fall of the empire, but long before "The Awakening of the Force" and then the rise of the First Order. We know that the Disney expressed a desire to produce a prequel movie, to tell the life of our gunfighter before the famous meeting with Baby Yoda, but there is no definite news yet. The second season will be a sequel that will continue to tell the story of the Mandalorian. The news that in The Mandalorian 2 the famous bounty hunter will return Boba Fett, probably played by Temuera Morrison. Many fans were pleasantly surprised by the news and hope to finally find out how the character survived the fall from the Well of Carkoon. To get an answer we will have to wait for next autumn, the date scheduled for the official release. Confirmed the presence of Pedro Pascal in the role of the protagonist, while the director will find Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, Robert Rodriguez, Carl Weathers and Peyton Reed. You just have to wait for the next release, in the meantime we will not fail to keep you updated on any news regarding the new TV series. For those who missed it, we recommend our review of the first season of The Mandalorian.

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