The Mandalorian 2 - Review of the third episode on Disney +

After an episode that we would dare to call filler (we don't want to offend anyone, but unfortunately we didn't really like it), Command and his little travel companion return to our screens with the verve and the attitude that rightly belongs to him, bringing to light a new episode that is much more intriguing and capable of making us look to the future of The Mandalorian with much more interest. The journey of the odd trio after the arachnid misadventure is now very intriguing, with our heroes intent on moving in the direction of the next planet (who have also been inspired by Ratchet & Clanck?).

The Mandalorian 2: The Heir

After a daring landing that was certainly not successful, Din Djarin, Baby Yoda and Passenger with its very precious cargo they land at Trask, an aquatic planet populated mostly by humanoid marine beings. Let's start immediately with the scene in which the passenger, Frog, she finds her beloved husband in the harbor. Mando wastes no time and immediately tries to collect the reward for having brought the Frog's wife to safety. The being then replies to Send to go to a tavern in the port and ask the host; after a few brief conversations, our fellow adventurers find themselves on a Quarren ship.

Everything flows all too well up to this point, and in fact the Quarren, like all the creatures of the Star Wars universe, seeing the armor of a Mandalorian, decide to risk it by trying to kill its owner and sell "the 'silverware". Din is pushed into the water along with his little travel companion, who is swallowed by an aquatic animal, the Mamacore. When everything seems to be going in the wrong direction, not one but three Mandalorian armors intervene with their jetpacks, eliminating the entire Quarren crew.

Once the battle is over, the three Mandalorians take off their helmets and reveal their faces, which is not taken well by Din. The mythical trio presents itself and among these we find a historical character from the animated series of Star Wars, Bo-Katan Kryze. The gesture of Katan and his companions does not please Mando, who decides to abandon them on the ship and continue his journey. The three, however, do not give up and follow our duo, who are soon targeted - again by the Quarren - only to be promptly helped in a new extermination. After this umpteenth retry, the quintet sits in the tavern talking about business.

With this second installment of the work we can finally denote how the narrative is actually carried forward, all while also the lore of Star Wars emerges with much more arrogance than it did in the two previous episodes. Bo-Katan speaks to Mando as one of the members of a sect of Mandalorian religious extremists, called the Children of the Watch (finally we understand something more about Mando), who follow ancient traditions, such as that of not taking off the helmet . For Mando, the story does not make much sense, since having always grown up with the Children, every Mandalorian faithfully follows these rules for him. Bo-Katan later he explains a from that she and her other followers are trying to regain their home planet, Mandalore, but to do so they need weapons, means and, above all, the Darksaber held by Moff gideon.

Bo-Katan He then asks Mando for help in exchange for information on where to find the Jedi, but Mando does not believe in this resurrection, also because as far as he knows Mandalore is no longer habitable. Regardless of everything, the information of the Jedi is still tempting and he finally decides against his will to plunder the imperial ship. After the successful boarding, and after understanding who is in possession of the Darksaber, Bo-Katan finally reveals to Din the location of a Jedi.

(Spoiler don't read any further if you don't know who it is). The Jedi in question is nothing less than  Ashoka Tano.

From rags to riches

Finally The Mandalorian has returned to travel on the levels that we rightly expected. The episode slips smoothly under our eyes, even if there would be some small notes to do actually, all due to a rhythm that in short moments seems to lose its bite. However, when we come to the end of the episode with the proverbial twist in tow, the hype returns to shoot towards the stars, a revelation that will make the wait for the new episode of the work even more exhausting, which in fact will see the introduction of a character that until now we had only been able to admire in the animated series of Star Wars. As if that weren't enough, the episode could have opened a whole new path for Din, with so unpredictable implications that the possibility of witnessing a real open war against the Mandalorians themselves shouldn't be taken lightly. For this - and many other - reasons, we are therefore quite confident for the future, which could offer a continuation of events as pressing as it is exciting.

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