The Mandalorian 2 - Review of the seventh episode on Disney +

The rhythm of the series perfectly marks the time that separates us at the end of this second season, which apart from one (and I mean only one) disappointing episode is keeping us glued to the TV every Friday waiting to find out what will happen to Command and companions. The Avenger, this is the name of the penultimate episode of this second season of The Mandalorian, prepares us as anticipated just before the final climax of the season, which will surely be full of emotions (I'm not saying twists, because I must say that in Star Wars, a few times something Really unexpected happens).

The Mandalorian 2 - The Mandalorian

This seventh episode was directed by Rick Famuyiwa, who has the arduous task of directing the first episode without "Baby Yoda" (yes we know it's called Grogu, but we like to remember it that way). Command, Boba Fett, Cara Dune e Fennec Shand I am looking for the cruiser of Moff gideon, with the intention of getting Grogu back forever. However, to recover the position of the First Order cruiser, from must recover and exploit the knowledge of a character already known to us: Migs Mayfield. This character, played by Bill Burr, appeared in the series in the episode The Prisoner, directed by Famuyiwa himself.

Once you find this new adventure "companion", the story focuses on the mission - as always hopeless - centered on the couple. Mayfield - Command. We all already know the character played by Burr, he is full of outspoken irony, unscrupulous, gruff and capable of anything, and it is thanks to this characterization that the episode can really take off and then land perfectly. It is not the first time that The Mandalorian compares two completely different visions and realities, which in the course of the episode must learn from each other and above all must be able to give up something that they believed was important up to that moment.

The narration of an episode that was practically "only" to lead us towards the final battle, could really be much simpler and more streamlined, but it was not. The work done in this The Believer is truly excellent, the mission is difficult, complex capable of failing at any moment, the tension is felt and everything leads to one of the most beautiful scenes of the series, because it is full of meaning. Most likely, this is one of the episodes where the feelings of the protagonist are put in the spotlight, who by dropping the mask makes us better understand what he's made of.

Towards the end and beyond… ah, no

There is very little to add, this is an episode with a capital P. As we are used to seeing by now, we lack nothing, action, psychology, feelings and above all many “pew pew”. From what was supposed to be a simple episode that took us towards the end of this second and "spatial" season of The Mandalorian, we found ourselves a sumptuous script and an even more sumptuous interpretation of the two main protagonists of the episode. A round of applause certainly goes to Pedro Pascal and Bill Burr. Now we just have to see what awaits us from the strongest and most fearsome team in the Star Wars universe, what will become of Gideon and company?

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