The Mandalorian 2 - Review of the second episode on Disney +

The weekly appointment with The Mandalorian 2 is back, and with that too our little reviews of each chapter. After a crackling start to say the least with the debut of the second season, this Chapter 10 or episode 2 - depending on the point of view - is not accompanied by a lot of "strength", and is probably the least successful seen so far on the small screen. The journey of our now two favorites, is nothing short of obvious in every step and really struggles to take off, both in terms of plot and sequences.
The only positive hint may be the appearance of two X-wing (small consolation).

The Mandalorian 2: The Passenger

The second episode of the second season of The Mandalorian picks up where the first one left off, with Command and the little boy, who after recovering the armor from the "Sheriff" are returning from Mos Eisley, looking for new information on the secret outposts of the Mandalorians. As happens in all episodes with little "plot", the two are attacked by raiders of the desert, who destroy their means of transport and try to rob Din Djarin and his little companion. A brief struggle lights up the screen, which sees Din outclass the poor unfortunates.

Once back in the city, it takes very little to find new information on the "Mandalorians" (but are these warriors that good at keeping a secret?). However, the information costs a Din Djarin a passage to a humanoid frog which is carrying the last eggs of its species to be fertilized urgently in the destination planet where its companion is waiting for it. However, the passenger makes an anomalous request, asking to travel sub-light, so as not to ruin the integrity of his eggs. Traveling sub-light these days isn't the best, he explains Command, because they could be victims of controls or, worse, pirate attacks.

Despite himself from accept and start the journey to the new planet (hello Tatooine). From here the real vicissitudes begin for the strange trio, who runs into a new "monster". If in the first episode there was a dragon to find and kill, in this new episode our adventure companions fall right into the wolf's lair. We do not want to tell you any further, so as not to spoil anything about this second episode, but it is clear that there is something to complain about, such as "baby Yoda" and his incredible voracity (are we sure they are of the same species?).

Little meat on the fire

Sincerely from the management of Peyton Reed, the director of Ant-Man, perhaps we would have expected something more: the episode itself looks very good, and follows the dynamics we have loved since the first appearance of this series; however, there is something just missing. As always, we are faced with a crazy computer graphics, easily comparable to that of the best cine-comics, the narrative passages, however, are this time taken for granted and not very interesting. Everything happens before your eyes with senseless simplicity, maybe they wanted to give a pinch of horror in an action series? The result, even in that case, does not seem to have been the best.

This does not mean that this episode of The Mandalorian is bad to watch, but it simply does not excite and does not create interest in watching it, also because at some point one wonders if we are still in the universe of Star Wars, and perhaps it is only the two already mentioned that remind us X-wing. However, the dynamics that we have already seen return and most likely we can call it a "passing" episode, useful for filling the schedule that had opened up with the first episode, thanks to the cameo of Boba Fett. We will sleep soundly, because there is certainly a practically infinite story to tell and we will certainly not lose the desire to discover the next journey of Mando and his companions, who finally come out again from the iconic planet of Tatooine. After all the good things we have seen so far, a misstep can also be there, and it was probably only a matter of time. Let's just hope it's the last.

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