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If we were completely satisfied with the previous episode of The Mandalorian 2, "The Heir", we can be simply happy with this episode that marks the middle of this second season. Under the wise guidance of Carl Weathers director, we can admire a return - if we can define it that way - to the origins of Mando and Baby Yoda, as they return to the planet Nevarro, in the company of Greef Karga and Cara Dune. There Razor crest (for those who do not know or have not yet understood the spaceship of Din Djarin) has not been repaired to face the journey to Corvus, the planet where you can find the Jedi, and for this reason, despite the clumsy attempts between him and Baby Yoda to fix it, the Mandalorian decides to head for the first friendly planet nearby. Nevarro. Right away we understand that the episode will present us with some action, since we will find a scene of Cara engaged in giving a good system to the marauders, who try to clean up the old headquarters of the Children of the Round (the religious sect that raised Mando). The dear and old Dune, has become the sheriff of Nevarro: the former rebel soldier has decided to put his strength and his experience for the safety of others.

From the first minutes on the planet, it transpires how the local politics has changed considerably (it is difficult to say how much time has passed since Mando and Baby Yoda's first trip, but thanks to this episode we realize how much time passes quickly, then I'll explain why). Karga with the help of Dune and the first wanted by the good Mando, they set in motion to change the dynamics of the planet, trying to bring it back to the glories of the past, but with a big problem to face. What better opportunity to do it with the return of Command? In fact, after meeting again, the Mandalorian asks for help from his old "friends", who obviously offer it to him in exchange for his services (but come on?). They entrust the Razor crest to the best mechanics of Nevarro (eye on the foreground of one of the two mechanics) and take little Yoda to a newly established school, where Mando can feel comfortable leaving his faithful companion.

The school part is a very interesting part especially for Clone Wars fans, as the professor droid will ask the pupils for the five trade routes, and a pupil will pronounce the Via Hydiana, mentioned for the first time in episode 21 of the second. season of The Clone Wars. It is a route that starts from the planet Bonadan and continues towards the worlds of the central core, and then flows into the outer rim. The droid explains that there are other regions beyond the Outer Rim: the Expansion Region, the Inner Rim, the Colonies, the Core, and the Deep Core. He goes on to say that the capital of the old Republic was located on a world of the Core, precisely on Coruscant, while the capital of the New Republic is currently on Chandrila. In order not to miss anything, the droid talks about the Maelstrom Akkadese, the mass of matter that is on the route of Boiler first mentioned in Solo: a Star Wars Story.

A new discovery

Once Baby Yoda has been secured, the trio begins to design a simple but reckless plan to eliminate the last remaining "imperial" remnant still active on the planet. The mission, as always, is very simple and uncomplicated, and without too many preparations the quartet (yes, because Mythrol is also added) starts to conquer the imperial base with the intent of destroying it definitively and realizing the dream of transforming Nevarro an important commercial hub.

As you can well imagine and as The Mandalorian has accustomed us, everything that appears affordable is transformed into the exact opposite, with daring passages before reaching the set point, up to force the quartet to make a daring escape towards safety, with also several discoveries in tow: the base is not military but scientific. The guards near the laboratory carry the symbol of the Kamino cloners, thus finding tanks happy with the bodies inside.

From here begin a series of investigations that will lead to discover that Pershing still refers to Moff gideon and that therefore Mando's idea was completely wrong. The experiments concern Baby Yoda's blood and currently have not yet brought the desired results, as if that were not enough, the doctor doubts that he will find a donor with a M value higher than this (we still don't know what the M value is). From here the escape will be even worse than we could have imagined but luckily for all the Razor Crest is back in great shape and eliminates the threats. And this is where the perplexities about the timing increase, not even days have passed since the arrival in Nevarro ... and the ship is cleaned up so quickly? Difficult to consider it possible or sensible. From this moment on, hold on tight, because the following scenes will suggest more of something.

First Order incoming

This new installment of The Mandalorian is spectacular, wonderful full of references to the lore of Star Wars. Surely one of the most beautiful ever published to date, to be reviewed and reviewed to understand how many easter eggs have been inserted within each single frame. As if that were not enough, she also makes fun of herself, with impossible time jumps and with the usual really ridiculous actions of the poor. stormtrooper. The ending is spectacular and opens to endless possibilities on the next episodes that will arrive on Disney +, which can only increase the hype of all the spectators of The Mandalorian, congratulations.

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