The Mandalorian 2 - Review of the fifth episode on Disney +

Even if it does not proceed quickly, the journey of the most beloved Mandalorian of the moment and his likeable companion continues unabated, bringing us today to the fifth episode of The Mandalorian 2. It is one of the most anticipated of all, especially for the appearance on the screen of one of the most anticipated characters whose presence had already been confirmed: Ashoka Tano. However, seeing the Jedi in action will not be the only pleasant thing of the episode, because as we have been accustomed to in the last episodes, Chapter 13 "The Jedi" is full of references to famous characters from the world of Star Wars, to events of the past, easter eggs, but above all of the discovery - finally - of the real name of the Child: Grogu. Not only that, because thanks to Ashoka, we will also discover some details concerning his past life and, in a certain sense, also his identity.

The village, the child, the Magistrate

This fifth episode is set on the planet Corvus, where Din Djarin and the Child land in search of the Jedi. On this barren territory, Ashoka Tano is fighting her own battle to free the Calodan village from the hegemony of Magistrate, Morgan Elsbeth, who makes the whole population live in terror (complete with electrified cages in plain sight) with the help of a former soldier mercenary. The pace of the episode is balanced, and immediately accompanies us with a pretty good fight sequence to make it clear what the skills of the Jedi are. However in the central phase of the episode there is a strong feeling of tranquility, a momentary stop from the crackling other adventures, given that the topics and information to be assimilated are many and important (but above all the sense of peace that Rosario Dawson manages to express with his acting).

It is precisely in the central part of the episode - before the showdown - that we come to discover much more about the Child than we would have expected. Without going into details, moreover, the most informed fans of the Star Wars universe between trilogies and beyond, will have bread for their teeth, especially with the large amount of references that will be pitted almost silently, by Ashoka's white lightsabers. , to weapons, to droids, down to some even smaller details hidden here and there. Much instead will make you smile and think about the long sequence that sees the Jedi and the Mandalorian as protagonists, with a clear reference to Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader and also to another great Jedi when Ashoka explains what the Force is. We leave you the taste of discovery.

The information we learn, finally, can leave room for different theories for the future, some of them linked not only to characters who have already appeared in the series and not, but also to big names in the Star Wars universe: first of all the Grand Admiral Thrawn, which Morgan Elsbeth appears to have served before taking over Calodan.

Despite the various speculations, at the end of this episode of The Mandalorian 2 we will once again have clear what the task of Din Djarin and Grogu will be, and curiosity rises for who could be the next Jedi to make his appearance ...

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