The Mandalorian 2 - Review of the eighth and final episode on Disney +

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The second season of The Mandalorian has now come to an end (but how quickly does time pass when you wait for the episodes of a season that really takes you?) and despite everything, we are really very, very sorry. The work done by all the enturage hired by Disney was of a very high standard, for both seasons, viewers were able to enjoy a concrete show with the brand Star Wars which has gained a lot of value for its part. With "The rescue”We finally come to the final battle, to what will surely be a happy ending… or not ?! On the other hand we can really expect everything.

The Mandalorian 2 and The Rescue

We could tell you about this latest episode of The Mandalorian, simply writing that it is absolutely unexpected and incredible, not to be missed. Well not only will we not do it, but we will try to bring you to understand even better, because this episode is absolutely thought, written and then produced in a commendable way.

The beginning is definitely a surprise, Command decides that for the final assault a Moff gideon, we need powerful allies and who will hardly say no, who better than others Mandalorians, to whom Gideon he subtracted the Darksaber? Once added to the "company", you can set out to conquer the interceptor of the First orderAt first glance, you immediately realize that writing and script are inspired by the first episodes of Star Wars, all very simple, linear and to say the least obvious.

Fortunately for the spectators, this sensation does not last long, because once the cruiser is boarded, the action takes over and the realization of this is far better than its predecessors, the only thing that never changes is the uselessness of the poor stormtrooper. We do not dwell on what the allies of Din Djarin they manage to accomplish, also because the climax was for many episodes now focused on the direct confrontation with Moff gideon and his Darksaber. Sending arrives loaded and ready to do anything to save the little one Grogu, the affection between the two has reached very high levels and certainly very engaging. The expected clash does not disappoint, the art direction does a really good job and it is certainly a pleasure for the eyes to see or try to understand the movements of the two fighters.

However, we quickly reach the epilogue of this episode, and still that feeling we were talking about at the beginning seems to return, but registically Payton Reed (known for being the director of Ant-Man), it continues to seem almost academic to us and we never understand why. Despite this, we manage to get excited about the events of the episode, albeit with small doubts that manage to remain reserved, even after a scene (we will simply mention "the scene of Gideon with the cloak") too obvious to be included in this episode.

But when we enter the final part, in the moment in which something epic is expected after the linearity seen up to that moment, we will finally be rewarded for the trust given to all the insiders of The Mandalorian 2. From the moment we see this mysterious character appear on the screens  of the cockpit of the cruiser, until its revelation, we will be struck by a truly exceptional suspense and adrenaline. Also in this case, the art direction does a wonderful, harmonious and exciting job, from this moment on we are kidnapped by this episode, we erase all doubts and we understand that everything is really beautiful, it almost seems that Mickey's house wanted to listen to the our requests. The ending is engaging at the right point, almost touching and in some ways epic and evocative, something absolutely not to be missed.

Now give us the third season

After one of the most beautiful and appreciated finals ever, we have to say goodbye to The Mandalorian, which in all probability will return to entertain us only during the next 2021. If the first season of The Mandalorian went great, with this second season we have really understood the ability and the infinite possibilities of creating content of great depth of this team, to which the Disney fortunately he gave confidence. Favreau has confirmed himself as a respectable screenwriter, which is surrounded by a respectable group. We can't wait to continue after the future of The Mandalorian 2, which has given prominence and a positive - and much deeper - implication to the television universe of Star Wars, with courage and also a good dose of preparation. Finally we ask jokingly, but is it possible that Boba Fett fall into the same error again?

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