The Mandalorian 2 dominates the charts among streaming productions

Almost a month away from the release of the second season of The Mandalorian su Disney Plus, data on the American share arrives that will make all fans of the universe happy Star Wars. In fact, according to the US company Nielsen Ratings, which is responsible for sharing important statistics relating to the world of entertainment, the TV series The Mandalorian 2 has literally climbed the ranking dedicated to the world of streaming platforms, ousting a sacred Netflix monster from the throne: The Office. The American sit-com, a remake of the English series of the same name, available in the United States on the red platform, has always enjoyed the highest rankings in terms of share. For a few days, however, he had to give the throne to the Disney series, thanks also to a second season of the latter well above the average in terms of quality.

The Mandalorian's rise in the American charts had already begun in late 2020, where the series had already surpassed Netflix productions such as Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural e The Crown. Netflix is ​​not doing very well in America since, in addition to losing the first place in terms of share, it will also have to deal with a 2021 full of departures of some of its most important products, due to the expiry of contracts on broadcasting rights. Among these, ironically, we also have The Office, which after years of militancy on the Californian platform, will have to abandon ship.

For Disney +, on the other hand, rosy times are expected thanks primarily to the success of The Mandalorian 2, but also to future upcoming productions. Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of these, namely WandaVision, has already made its debut in recent days on the blue platform with some success, especially among lovers of the world of superheroes of Stan Lee. Netflix, for its part, did not remain idle and with the original series Kobra Kai, canonical sequel to the XNUMXs film series Karate Kid, has shown the world that he still has several aces to play and will not be easily crushed by his rivals, namely Disney and Amazon.

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