The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame - Traveller's Tales Game Review

The last funny film inspired by the most famous building bricks on earth has been released in theaters a few days ago, The LEGO Movie 2: A New Adventure (of which you can find the review here). To accompany the film debut at the cinema, Traveller's Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have created the video game of the same name which, with a well-established formula, will put us in the shoes of the manufacturer Emmet and the many other characters known in the film. LEGO bricks never disappoint, not even in digital version, and the title that we review today reconfirms the well-deserved fame of this brand.


Never change a winning team

Traveler's Tales in recent years he has gained some experience in the development of LEGO video games, creating over thirty titles inspired by the films and brands of the Danish house. These games generally find a good response in users, not only for the simplicity appreciated even by the little ones, but above all for a gameplay formula that has made the sandbox genre its strong point, combined with the popularity of the LEGO brand. The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is no exception and once again we will be guided in the actual construction of our adventure.

In addition to the established sandbox mechanics of its predecessors, and the ability to participate in local co-op matches with another player, TLM2V introduces the new feature that allows us to build huge buildings (such as houses, shops, buildings, etc.), leaving more freedom to the player to define their own game world customizing it. Of course it will be our task to build other objects that are useful for overcoming missions or reaching otherwise forbidden areas.

Master Builder

We will have at our disposal a quantity of building materials almost unlimited, since we will be able to recover the necessary bricks simply by destroying all the objects that surround us. In this way we will also earn the coin that can be spent in various shops to buy exclusive parts. Collecting materials often results in a compulsive rush to completion, as each map contains a certain number of Main Pieces, which can be obtained by completing missions or searching for them in the most hidden corners.

Added to this is the function of Customization of the character, which we can build to our liking with the body parts of the other protagonists, as we unlock them. In addition to the costumes we will find an infinite number of aesthetic objects or even usable as weapons, it will be up to our imagination to amalgamate these elements. For example, we walked on an asteroid as a hippy riding a velociraptor.

As already mentioned, the objects to be collected and collected are hundreds. While the Story mode will provide us with everything we need, TT Games has seen fit to season The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame with such an amount of unlockables that we will hardly want to leave an area without first having discovered all the secrets, hidden by hidden trunks and ravines.

What we will find, exactly like the inventions of Emmet, may not be particularly useful at the moment, but it will add an indispensable touch of originality and customization to our adventure. Discovering new objects will open up the possibility to play "really" with the LEGO, going to build a world of our own, inventing it and discovering it at the same time. To do this we will use ultra-technological scanners, demolition tools, trampolines, robots and much more, all obviously built on the spot.

Walking around the universe

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame it basically offers two possible approaches to play: following the story or engaging in free play. Of course, in the early stages it will be necessary to retrace the cinematic adventure of Emmet to obtain some specific tools, but once this is done we will be able to move at our leisure (after having satisfied the relative unlocking requirements) through the portals that connect the 16 planets that make up i three explorable systems. We will start from Apocalypseburg (formerly Bricksburg) in Sister System (made up of 7 planets) and then move to the Rex-plorator system, which has 6 other playable worlds. The remaining 3 planets belonging to the Suburbs of the Galaxy are not yet available but the game system informs us that they will be downloadable for free in the future.

Each world represents a particular theme: we will face space travel, post-apocalyptic wastelands, jungles fraught with danger and even the Wild West, just to name a few. Each of them enriches the game with its own thematic map (the explorable surface of these maps is really vast) and with secondary quests proposed by the NPCs scattered here and there. Exploring these planets we will also have access to the related building sets, obviously inspired by their counterpart in the real world.

Cinematic shots, or almost

Rightfully a self-respecting LEGO video game must be made with LEGO bricks. If every single element in the game respects this prerogative by offering the player the fun experienced in the cinema, unfortunately a not excellent management of the camera affects a title that is extremely smooth and highly playable in itself. During the test it often happened that the shot suddenly approached the PC, regardless of our will, disorienting us not a little, especially in the action sections or in the boss challenges.


Apart from this little spot, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame has all the credentials to earn the appreciation of the other titles of TT Games. However, it should be noted that if on the one hand it is nice for a player to find a familiar and congenial gameplay system for the type of interaction required, on the other hand in terms of content, someone might not be satisfied, preferring more variety in the gameplay itself, rather than retreating often in an endless hunt for the missing object. The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame it certainly won't make us sing "It's Wonderful!" like its protagonists, but will be able to give several hours of fun to young and old, just like the legendary bricks LEGO.

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