The Lego Movie 2: released a new official trailer

Warner Bros. Pictures has released on the net a new trailer for the awaited "The Lego Movie 2: A New Adventure", sequel to the first original film based on the brand Lego, and including all the cast of extravagant characters already appreciated in the course of the previous episode, including of course Lego Batman. You can see the trailer at the top of the news. The Lego Movie 2: A new adventure will arrive in theaters, in 2D and 3D, starting February 21 this year.

In the new trailer we discover more of the plot of The LEGO Movie 2, starting with the appearance of the LEGO Duplo. In appearance sweet and cuddly, these building bricks for small children are actually war machines from outer space that devour and destroy everything! Their queen is an alien who can take many forms. The Emmet mini figure will then have to deal with these alien invaders, who will kidnap her friend Lucy and other characters including LEGO Batman. Determined to save them, Emmet will travel through distant planets and worlds, including a new galaxy where everything is a musical. Will he be able to bring harmony back to the universe once again?

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The Lego Movie 2: A New Adventure - Review of the new animated film by Warner Bros. ❯
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