The Legend of Zelda: Nintendo may have canceled the Netflix series due to leaks

It was 2015 when the Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo e Netflix had joined forces to create a live-action TV series inspired by The Legend of Zelda, the historic fantasy franchise created by Shigeru Miyamoto e Takashi Tekuza. Although the news was denied after a few weeks, the title has established itself in the minds of millions of fans as a real desire and only today, after more than five years on, a rumor seems to have really confirmed its existence, too. if the project was still abandoned by Nintendo due to the leak that had revealed its existence to the public. We are aware that Nintendo really likes to keep its secrets in order to amaze the public, be it video games, television shows or new hardware on the way, but was this really the reason for the cancellation of the project?

The comedian broke the news Adam Conover who recalled how Nintendo pulled the plug on the Zelda project, along with what would have involved an intriguing collaboration between Star Fox e Collegehumor. In a statement released for The Serf Times, Conover said that while Netflix was working with Nintendo on The Legend of Zelda, the producers were also in talks with CollegeHumor to produce a Star Fox stop-motion series along the same lines as the 2011 short film “The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox”. The comedian also said that during the development of the animated series, the offices of CollegeHumor were also visited by Nintendo legend himself, Shigeru Miyamoto. The project seemed to be going well, but after a short time, Netflix said goodbye. At the moment, the information has not been confirmed by Nintendo and, most likely, fans will remain with this doubt for a long time. 

A month later, there were suddenly reports that Netflix would no longer be making Legend of Zelda. And I was like: How? What happened? And then I heard from my boss that we wouldn't be doing Star Fox again. I thought it was weird, so I asked him what really happened and he said, 'Oh, someone at Netflix leaked the Legend of Zelda thing. Nintendo literally went out of her mind



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