The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - Ranel Tower Shrine Guide

The shrines inside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild they are points of reference that, as you continue in the adventure, you will meet along your way. Many of them are labyrinths or, in any case, very complex structures. This guide will reveal how to solve all the Shrines of the Ranel Tower.


This shrine is visible in the center of the Zora village and will require your skill with the glacyor. Climb halfway up the slope avoiding the boulders rolling towards you by blocking the laser beams with the glacyor. It is important that you place the ice blocks step by step as they will be described. Form a block of ice so that the top is just below the tip of the triangular platform beyond the laser beam. This will serve both to gain access to the chest and to use the block as a barrier for the sphere you are about to roll. Now reach the sphere at the top of the slope and materialize a block of ice behind the sphere to make it fall. When it stops in front of the concave platform, materialize a new block under the sphere to roll it onto the platform and then down to the next concave platform. While the sphere is rolling check that the point where the sphere will stop has no obstacles, if not, move the boulders too far away. As soon as the sphere arrives on the second concave platform, create a block in the middle of the hypotenuse of the lower triangular platform because it will block the sphere for a few seconds. Now summon a block under the sphere to roll it off the second concave platform. When it lands on the block near the triangular platform, lift the sphere with the glacyor one last time to roll it to its destination to open the altar.


It is located south of the Zora village after crossing the Lutera River. Since it is surrounded by brambles that form a labyrinth, you can decide to tackle it, or to glide from a nearby cliff, or after generating an updraft with fire. To solve the shrine quest you must simultaneously light the five torches protruding from the central cube. To make it rotate you have to hit the nearby crystals, it will move in the direction the crystal is pointing, preventing the torches from coming into contact with the water of the pool or fountain. The most effective method is to throw fire arrows, and if you don't have any, just light a wooden bundle with a flint or red chuchu jelly and then set a normal arrow on fire. Now it's just a matter of identifying the starting position, and let's see what to do. On your right there are two torches close together, light them with the fire arrow. Then hit the horizontal crystal, this way the cube will rotate horizontally. The fountain should now point towards the crystals. Then light the torch on the left of the cube with the fire arrow. When all the torches are lit the way to the altar will open. Before exiting, collect the two chests that rest on the platforms placed high on a distant wall. The platforms are made of wood, so throw fire arrows at them.


It is located just north of the Ranel towers, you can see it because it overlooks the Zora River. Here you will face a 2.0 nanoguardian.


It is located on Tiglen Island east of the coast of Akkala Tower and to enter you must remove the stone slab that prevents the passage. You can try to stop it in time with stasys and accumulate energy to move it to the side, or, more simply, place an octopal on it that will lift the rock. At this point you glide to the entrance. Octopalloons can be had by defeating octoroks, and there are just a couple of them nearby. Once inside, step onto the left side of the scale ignoring the barrel. Look up, cut the two ropes supporting the platform and a metal cube will fall on the other plate. In this way Link will fly up, equip yourself with a paraglider when you are at the peak of the jump and glide towards the chest in the far corner. Now that you are on the platform with the chest, without making any mistakes, you can sprint, jump and glide to the altar platform. Alternatively, return to the lowest plate of the scale, grab the metal cube with the kalamitron and drop it on the other plate from the maximum possible height. When it falls, it will make Link leap into the air again, then glide to the altar to finish.


It is located on the western edge of Ranel Marsh, just west of the marsh stables. With the glacyor create the path in the first room with the cubes. In the second room, take out the nanoguardian with the arrows or parry the laser that will be launched at you sending it back to the sender. Lift the chest on the right with a block of ice and head to the third area still using the blocks. Arrived in the last part of the path, eliminate two nanoguardians, get on the raft when it passes under you. While navigating, turn your gaze to the left, create a block under the gate that will lift up to allow you access to the chest. You can help yourself by slowing the raft with a column of ice. Finally place a block just before the waterfall and then glide up to the altar.


It is west of Ranel's tower, on a small island southwest of Ezer Pond, and is surrounded by bushes that you must set on fire. When you enter the shrine, first throw yourself onto the platform to the right of your starting position to find a chest. Then activate the crystal, either with an arrow or by pushing the rotating mechanism to the left of your starting position. In this way the laser beam will rotate hitting the crystal, the water level will rise and you will be able to swim across the room. To get the second chest you will have to be quick and position the barrel perfectly on the switch, let's see how to do it. Shoot another arrow at the crystal to raise the water level again. Then glide onto the platform and quickly sprint past the door before it closes. Whenever you make a mistake, you can try again. Once through the door, summon a block of ice with the glacyor in the pool to the right of the altar, this will take you to the second chest.


It is located on the island of the shrine, one of the many in the Ranel archipelago. When you are in the first room, use the kalamitron to retrieve an underwater ladle that you will need to lift the sphere. With a slow maneuver, move the ladle over the fenced area and drop the sphere by pressing the ladle against the wall. When the sphere falls into the hollow, a nearby gate will open. Enter the second room carrying the ladle with you as you will need it to lift a sphere and carefully drop it on top of a cage, no matter where, it just needs to be on top. Now place the ladle on top of the switch on the bottom of the pool, this will open the ceiling of the cage and the sphere will fall into the hollow, so the room will be emptied. Now that the water is gone, as you return to the first room you will notice a door that will lead you to a chest. Then go back to the second room and go through the door at the bottom of the empty pool to find the altar.

SHI YOTA SHRINE - shrine challenge: tamer of winds

You will find the shrine in the Gulf of Horon, southeast of the Zora village. Talk to Kashiwa who is on the west bank of the Gulf of Horon. Destroy four blocks of crumbling rocks that are in the area. You can use gusts of wind and updrafts to reach them. To destroy the rocks you can use bombs but as there is wind you have to calculate the shot well. The block that will give you the most to do is the one attached to one of the vaults of the central structure. You can climb to the top of the vault and roll down the bomb which, blown by the wind, once in position you can detonate, or you can throw an arrow bomb. Bomb Arrows are the quickest way, but remember they don't work if it rains. After demolishing the four blocks, get to the top of the structure and glide towards the light platform, favored by the wind behind you. The only way to activate the platform is to land with the paraglider open, by doing so the shrine will emerge from the ground. On the way to the altar, pick up the chest.

SACRARY OF DA KIKII - challenge of the shrines: the song of the party

He is initially buried and is located southwest of the Zora village. After completing the main challenge “The sacred colossus Ruta”, talk to Molden or Lairta at the Zora village to activate the shrine challenge. First you need to retrieve the ceremonial trident that fell under the west bridge of the Zora village, near the cliff. Summon a block of ice with the glacyor in the middle of the river, climb it and then take the weapon with the kalamitron. Reach the submerged pedestal at the base of the Turban Falls. Swim up the waterfall using the Zora armor. Glide towards the pedestal and when you are above it a few meters high, press the attack button to plant the ceremonial trident or the light-throwing trident on it. The shrine will now reveal itself, and before completing it, collect the chest along the way.



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