The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - Guide to the Shrines of the Tower of the Wilds

The shrines inside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild they are points of reference that, as you continue in the adventure, you will meet along your way. Many of them are labyrinths or, in any case, very complex structures. This guide will help you solve all the Shrines of the Tower of the Wilds.


It is located east of the tower of the wilds. In the first room, approach the edge of the platform to align Link and the concave platform perpendicular to the conveyor belt. When the sphere passes between Link and the concave platform, block it with stasys. Then hit it with an arrow while it is locked in time, and this will charge it with kinetic energy, and at the end of the stasys effect you will drop it into the concave platform. If you prefer, you can throw stasys directly onto the conveyor belt to immobilize the sphere. Do the same thing in the second room. There are two nanoguardians that you can take out with their own lasers after a perfect parry, or by shooting arrows at them. In the next room, lure the chest with kalamitron towards you, then grab the orb nearby and go to the first conveyor belt, using the large rock as a shield against the laser beam. Stand on the left column and place the sphere at your feet. Block the nearby laser device with stasys, retrieve the sphere and go straight across the conveyor belt. Slow down as you approach the third laser beam, then protecting yourself from the large rock, continue to the last platform. Put the sphere in the hollow and then go through the door that leads to the altar.


It is located near the beginning of the Gerudo desert, on top of the overhang that juts out over the Gerudo canyon stables. In the first room, take the electric sphere that is in front of your starting position and place it on the empty pedestal to your right. When you are in the second room you have to go to the dead end on the right and take out the nano guardian. Then cut the rope from which an electric sphere is hanging and take it to the pedestal, this will be used to reach the chest further back. Go through the door to face the Nano Guardian standing in the hallway. In the last room, use the kalamitron to move the two small cubes in the tub on the right to conduct the electricity that will be used to open the gate leading to the altar. Before exiting, above the front door is a chest that you can drop with kalamiron.

DAKO TAWA SACRARY - shrine challenge: the vanishing storm

It is located on a small rocky plateau north of the Gerudo desert, a little southeast of the Gerudo tower. The challenge begins when you speak to Nobir at Bazar Arsur. You will see it on the west side of the settlement, on an elevated observation base facing the direction of the shrine. Go down the corridor, defeat the nanoguardian and arrive in the room with the electric cube. Climb on the platform and take the electric cube with the kalamitron. Stay on the moving platform and hold the cube until you reach the side you came from. Move Link to the platform with the orange crystal and with the kalamitron place the cube next to the crystal, if you prefer you can also carry the cube with your hands. On the way up, move the cube away from the crystal and open the chest on the middle floor, then reactivate the crystal using the cube and get to the top. When you are on the top platform, leave the cube on the metal plates below, in this way you will electrify them to eliminate the two nanoguardians. Lift the cube again with the kalamitron and place it in a safe place. Now drop down, open the chest and push the large metal cube away to open the passage. Collect the electric cube again and make your way to the moving platform at the bottom. You can also do something else, which is, instead of going up the ramp with the electric cube, put it down and run down the slope to your right. Hit the crystal to activate a moving platform that will take you to a secret chest, open it, return to the cube and resume the climb. Using the elevator, take the electric cube to the top floor of the shrine, place it on the pedestal and activate the last moving platform, climb on it and activate the kalamitron. When you come within range of the large metal cube, push it back to clear the path to the altar. Now you can finish or take another chest. After the right angle, stay on the moving platform and turn around, pulling the metal cube to your left. In this way you will be able to reach the fourth chest, while the moving platform returns to the electric cube. Open the chest, wait for the platform to return, jump on it and go to the altar.

SUMA SAMA SACRARY - challenge of the shrines: diary of snowy mountain

This is a hidden shrine near the summit of Morganit Peak, southeast of the Wilderness Tower, and to reveal it you have to perform a challenge. Then interact with the snowy mountain diary inside the ruined hut near the summit of Cima Morganit. Let's see how to proceed to solve the puzzle. Cast a shadow in the center circle of the pedestal on the nearby overhang and to do this you have to catch a snowball at around 16:20 pm and stand with the ball over your head, and this is the most effective method. Or place a snowball on the smaller pond near the shack and summon an ice cube below it. Solved the riddle will reveal the shrine. Then enter and go to the altar collecting the chest on the way.


It is located a short distance from the main entrance of the Gerudo Citadel. When you are inside you will have some maneuvers to do. The first thing that stands out are the circular metal plates on the floor, and they will have to form an electrical circuit between them in order to reveal chests and get to the altar. You are in the starting position, go down from the left side, use the kalamitron to move the barrel under you and place it between the two round plates that are adjacent to each other in the center of the first square on the ground. Then go to the big cube, hook it with the kalamitron, move it to the ramp on the right, in order to activate the first circuit which will light up the blue crystal and open the first grate on the left that hides the second barrel. Pick up the big cube and this time put it on the circuit in front of the second barrel, which currently remains off. Then attract the second barrel and place it between the other two circular plates on the left of the ones where you put the first barrel, move the first barrel and place it between the other pair of round plates that are on the right, the circuit activates and opens the second grate that hides a metal casket. Now bring all four items. the two barrels, the metal casket and the large cube, on the right side of the room, in exactly the following manner. Looking at the staircase in the center of the room, on the right there are two elevations, the cube goes between them. Now the chest and the two barrels are going to close the circuit, no matter which of the three pieces will go to one point or the other, the important thing is that they make the connection. Also on the right on the ground is a square, so the first of the three pieces you will have to place between the first pair of round plates, the second piece on the second pair and the third on the third pair. When the circuit is connected, a larger grate will open which hides another large cube. Drag it with the kalamitron next to the ramp on the right side where there are two round plates, then retrieve the other cube and place it on the left side of the ramp, also here are the round plates. When the circuit is active, the last grate that hides the altar will open.

KIMA ZUUSU SACRARY - shrine challenge: the silent swordsmen

It is visible in the northwest corner of the Gerudo Desert, in the middle of a perennial sandstorm. Guarding the northwest exit of the Gerudo Citadel is a woman named Raina. He will give you directions to the shrine advising you to rely on the guidance of the statues in the sandstorm. Quickly go in the direction indicated by each statue, each statue will lead you to the other until you reach your destination. Inside the room you will see an orb that is thrown from one lever to the other. Climb the ramp in front of you to get into a higher position to make it easier to hook the sphere with the kalamitron. Move the sphere so that the red crystal to the right of the grate in front of you turns blue, and the grate will open to open the stairway to the altar. Then move the sphere again over the cage to the left of the gate, where there is an electrode, this way the cage will open to one side allowing you to access a chest. Once this is done, go to the altar and conclude.

RAKYU URO SACRARY - shrine challenge: the undisputed queen

Just up from Cittadella Gerudo, among the desert sands, the shrine is hidden which will be visible once the challenge is over. After completing the Vah Naboris labyrinth, go to the Sands Seal Race area, south of the Gerudo Citadel. Talk to Shabonne to participate in the race and pay the entry fee, but it is important that you have at least one shield with you. You must reach the finish line in less than a minute and a half, passing under every arch along the way, avoiding some obstacles. There are a couple of ways to increase the odds of success. Press the A button to shoot whenever your seal slows down, the intent is to always stay at top speed, except when you have to avoid obstacles. Also, when cornering, you have to move more slowly because taking turns violently only slows you down. By winning you will receive an orb that you will leave in the concave space nearby and reveal the shrine. Enter, collect the chest and finish.


It is located in the southwest corner of the world map, under the large Gerudo fossil in Dragon Exile. In the room, you see two black columns on the right side of the green light structure, two metal cubes and a red crystal. Take a cube and place it behind the black column in front, so that it is sandwiched between the structure with the green light on the left, a black column in front and the other black column on the right. Then take the other cube and this time place it so that it has the central column on the left, and the other column behind and the red crystal on the right. This will activate the circuit that will open the grate behind which there is a ladder. Climb it to enter the second room. On the right in the middle of the water is a chest, grab it with the kalamitron. Then move the sphere tied to a chain and move to the left, for a moment leave the sphere and go up on the mobile platform, take the sphere back and operate the red crystal, in this way the platform will lift you up where there is a bridge with a sphere above. From a distance shoot the arrows to hit the enemies, then take the sphere. Pay attention that if you bring the sphere by hand, when you pass by the crystals, they will activate and raise the corridor that will tip you back, so use the kalamitron and go forward. On the right at the top there is the housing where you have to place the sphere that will open the passage to go to another chest. After taking the chest, go back to where you arrived, retrieve the sphere at the top and place it near the crystal on the left. There is a gate ahead of you that will open when three gears are connected, but you need to look for one. So, looking at the gears, go to the room on the right, there is a switch on the ground, go up it and some large square boulders will move away from you. The large square boulders are not the same size and on each of them there is a crystal. By sliding the metal cube with the kalamitron you will see that it will position itself in such a way that the square boulders returning towards you will line up until the electrical circuit is closed. You can also help yourself with stasys by blocking the square boulder closest to you over time and gain some time to better align the others. At this point a door will open behind you hiding the missing gear and a chest, put the gear in its place and the gate to the altar will open.

SACRARY OF DEIRA MA - challenge of the shrines: the test of the desert

It is in the heart of the southern Tolabirin Fort, which is east of the Gerudo Desert and to enter you must complete the challenge. It involves wandering around the labyrinth in search of the shrine. Looking at the maze map you will see that it is divided into four quadrants in the shape of a rectangle. The shrine is located in the middle of the short upper side of the lower right rectangle. You can get there by walking through the corridors or you can try to climb to the top of the structure and head to the lower right quadrant. In the shrine the road to the altar is short and there is also a casket.


He is buried in the Torma dunes west of the Gerudo Citadel. The first that would be good to do is to eliminate the secondary boss of the Moldenotter type. He is a formidable opponent because he can take away all hearts at once and the way to beat him is to use his ability to perceive you through vibrations while he is underground. Climb on a rock and throw a spherical bomb at the enemy. He will trade the bomb for you and swallow it. While it is in the air, blow it up, and when it falls hit it, preferably with combos. Each time the monster regains consciousness it slips underground, so repeat it all over again until it yields. Then light the four torches in the area, any firearm is fine, and reveal the shrine, enter, take the chest and finish.

KYOSHI OH SACRARY - shrine challenge: the seven paladines

It is located east of the Gerudo Citadel and you will hear it mentioned by Lotein, who is reading in the northwest part of the Gerudo Citadel. It is initially buried in the sand in the center of the circle formed by large warrior statues, and to reveal it you have to solve a puzzle. There are seven metal balls that you need to find and place in the slots with the kalamitron. One sphere is already in place, three are visible, two are partly buried in the sand and the seventh is in the joined hands of a statue. Each sphere has a symbol and must be placed in the space with the same symbol on the statues. While on the spheres the symbol is visible, on the statues instead it must be looked for because it can be on a foot, on the sword or on the head or other. To make things easier for you, we tell you the position of each one. We have said that the seven statues are placed in a circle, and starting from the one in the lower left, below as the hands of the clock, and describing the symbols by resemblance to something familiar, we have: the symbol that looks like a comma, which looks like an arrowhead, the letter O, two dots, an S, a flame and two rectangles. Complete, uncover the shrine, enter, collect the chest and finish.

SACRARY OF MII SUU - challenge of the shrines: the perfect drink ...

You can find it in the southeast corner of the Gerudo desert, east of the southern oasis. Arriving at the shrine there is a Gerudo called Pakut who has passed out on the terminal blocking her entry, and you have to give her a special drink. Return to the Gerudo citadel and talk to Furosa, the woman at the bar behind the jewelry store, north of the city. You have to go to the icebox by day, an underground room just north of the Gerudo Citadel. You can access it through a trap door in the floor, under a large flat rock. Inside, talk to Annti who will give you a large block of ice. Now you have to go through the ruins between the glacial house and Citadel Gerudo carrying the ice over your head, and go to Furosa. During the journey some opponents will make you waste time, so it would be preferable to avoid them by making some detours, and if you really can't, put the block on the ground and eliminate them as quickly as possible. Better still if you walk on the sand east of the ruins so you won't meet them at all. Place the ice in front of Furosa to end the trial. Now go back to Pakut who, knowing that her favorite drink awaits her in Citadel Gerudo, will free the terminal allowing you access. Enter, open the chest and conclude.

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