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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - Guide to the Shrines of the Tower of Finterra mini-challenges

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    In the Torre di Finterra region in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Teh Wild, there are 10 mini-challenges to solve, and in this guide we will tell you how.


    Talk to the boy named Tacibo in the village of Finterra, who will lead you to a statue near the Laluccio pond. Talk to the statue and you will activate the challenge, then talk to it again to recover the power that belongs to you. In this way you will be explained how to convert a heart holder into a holder and vice versa at a cost of 20 rupees. If you have rethought the way you used the emblems of triumph, with this system you have the possibility to change your choices.


    Talk to Nabu, a child who runs through the streets of the Finterra village during the day, to activate a long-term quest in which he will ask you to show him various weapons. Whenever you return to bring him one, just have it in the bag and not necessarily equipped, Nabu will reward you and then make the next request. As this is a complex challenge that will make you go far and wide, take note of where the required weapon might be, in this way, when you are near the area of ​​interest to do something else, you can also complete this objective. . Now let's see what the boy's requests will be. Initially he wants a wanderer sword that you will find in the valley leading to the Zora village, just east of the Ingogo bridge. The sword is found near two abandoned chariots, returning it to Nabu will give you a red rupee in exchange. Then he will want a fire wand, which is a weapon dropped by the fire shaman. You'll find a shamanx in the training ground south of the forest tower. All you need to do is use an ice arrow to ensure victory. Show the weapon to Nabu for a red rupee. Now he will want a grublin club and to do so you can go find a grublin at the Zorana plateau, south of the Zora village, then Nabu will give you a purple rupee. He will then ask you for a double-shot bow, the weapon used by the Yiga henchmen who are usually found near the entrance to the Yiga lair north of the Gerudo desert. Nabu will give you a purple rupee.

    The consecutive request is a windbreaker katana, the weapon of the Yiga heavyweights that are often found along the road between Ranel's tower and the downstream stables after completing the Yiga lair. Hand the katana to Nabu for a silver rupee. He will now ask you for a Guardian Ax +, which you will get if you defeat a Nano Guardian 3.0. They are found inside several shrines such as Muo Jiimu, Sasa Kai, Namika Ozu and Midda Roki. In exchange for the weapon you will receive a silver rupee. Now he will want an ice bag brand. Defeat a lizalfos in a camp with a skull-shaped building in the Hebra region, you must climb the shrine of Myosu Shino and then head northwest across the Pessorotti snowfield. You can get one even well into the story, when you defeat a lizalfos on one of the arena's upper walkways in the southern area of ​​the plain tower region. Nabu will give you a gold rupee. We have finally arrived at the last request, which is an ancestral dagger. You can buy it from Cherry at the Akkala Research Center, but only after completing the “Scientist Rovely” mini-challenge. To get it you will pay 1000 rupees, 15 ancestral springs, 5 ancestral axes and 2 ancestral nuclei. Give the weapon to Nabu who will reward you with a diamond.


    Talk to Manzak who usually stops between the dry cleaners and the Finterra village inn. Then go behind the counter of the inn and ask Tsukimi what she likes. Go back to Manzak and he will ask you to find ten vigor grasshoppers. Go to a field with tall grass like the one northwest of the village Finterra, and arm yourself with a long two-handed sword and hold down the Y key to start a charged shot, this action must act as a lawn mower. Cancel the attack with the B button before running out of stamina, or to avoid wasting weapon stamina. As soon as you see a vigor grasshopper obviously disturbed by your movements, cancel the move and sprint to capture it. Go back to Manzak who will give you a silver rupee.


    Talk to Tokoyo who is guarding the flock outside the farm between the Finterra village and the research center, who will ask you to defeat a group of monsters. Go to Finterra beach in the southeast of the village, in the post station on the west side of the bay there is a group of beings. Fight and return to Tokoyo who will give you ten bottles of fresh milk in return.


    During the main story at the Finterra Research Center you will show Pruna a photo, then talk to her again and activate the slightly articulated mini-challenge. The first action to take is to search for Rovely at the Akkala Research Center in the northwest corner of Hyrule and talk to us. He will ask you to show him your identity, so take off your armor completely to show him the scars and then talk to him again. Take the torch tilted against the shelves and take the road west to Poggio Fogliarossa. On the way out, eliminate all the enemies as they will bother you on the way back and you will not be able to shoot. When you arrive at your destination, light the torch with the blue flame and go back. During the return, light all the lanterns as, if for some reason the torch goes out you will not be forced to return to Poggio Fogliarossa. Once again at the research center, turn on the generator with the blue flame, talk to Rovely and you will receive three ancestral arrows. A new shop will now unlock which can be accessed by speaking to Cherry. Here you will access the ancestral type equipment, effective against the guardians, and now let's see what it is, the cost and the materials needed:

    Ancestral arrow, 90 rupees, ancestral vine x2, ancestral staff x1, arrow x1

    Ancestral Arrow x3, 250 Rupees, Ancestral Vine x6, Ancestral Staff x3, Arrow x3

    Ancestral Arrow x5, 400 Rupees, Ancestral Spring x5, Ancestral Staff x5, Arrow x5

    Ancestral dagger, 1000 rupees, ancestral spring x15, ancestral staff x5, ancestral core x2

    Ancestral Shield, 1000 Rupees, Ancestral Gear x10, Ancestral Spring x15, Ancestral Grand Core x1

    Ancestral Greatsword, 1000 Rupees, Ancestral Vine x15, Ancestral Staff x5, Ancestral Core x2

    Ancestral Spear, 1000 Rupees, Ancestral Gear x15, Ancestral Pole x5, Ancestral Core x2

    Ancestral Bow, 1000 Rupees, Ancestral Gear x10, Ancestral Spring x15, Ancestral Grand Core x1

    Ancestral helm, 2000 rupees, ancestral gear x20, ancestral staff x5, ancestral core x3

    Ancestral armor, 2000 rupees, ancestral gear x20, ancestral vine x5, ancestral core x3

    Ancestral Leggings, 2000 Rupees, Ancestral Gear x20, Ancestral Spring x5, Ancestral Core x3


    At the Finterra Research Center, Pruna will give you the snapshot, then talk to her again and get started. Give her 3 ancestral vines, 3 ancestral axes and 3 ancestral cores and she will upgrade the Sheikah sensor, radio controlled bombs and stasys. The required materials can be found by defeating the guardians you often encounter in the shrines and around Hyrule Castle. After upgrading the Sheikah + sensor, talk to Simon who is in the Finterra research center, take a picture of a hot tub at the back of the building and show it to him. He will ask you for three caldoncelli that you will find in the Esper forest north of the research center. Bring them to him and you will receive three black cuortufi.


    On the high rock in the northern gulf you have to talk to Kashiwa who will tell you about a treasure "at 17 pm 24". This is a clue and to solve the puzzle you have to imagine a clock with 12 o'clock in the north and consequently 17 o'clock is in the lower right. Now look at the rocks that come out of the water that resemble, in fact, a clock. Think about where 17pm would be and go in that direction. Among the rocks there is a chest, take it with kalamitron and open it for a gold rupee.


    At the Finterra village there is Cerada with his men who are working on a house south of the Laluccio pond. He will sell you the house in exchange for 3000 rupees and 50 bundles of wood, and therefore also in this case it is a long-term assignment, but if you know where to look and how to do it, you will be able to close the job a little earlier. . The easiest way to get rupees is to sell gems. Every time you destroy a mineral deposit you find at least one gem and sometimes more and the sassorok side bosses are also great sources. To find the bundles, just destroy the fallen trees. Cut down the trees with the ax or rather with the bombs that hit the most, and then tear the trunks to pieces. At the end of the guide we show you the places where there is more chance of finding them. After paying for Cerada you have to furnish the house and decorate the exterior, and for each share Cerada will want a fee of 100 rupees for each request, and now let's see what it is.

    Weapon Racks x2, Bow Racks x3, Shield Racks x3, Bed x1, Lighting x1, Door x1, Name Plate x1, Flower Garden x1 and Trees x1. Purchase all upgrades at the agreed price of 1400 rupees to complete the challenge.

    Having your own home and improving it will give you two benefits: you can sleep in your bed whenever you want, recovering all hearts for free and you can use the racks to lay down the weapons that it is not always necessary to carry around.


    After buying a house in the “Dream House” mini-challenge, talk to Cerada and Miceda. The challenge will begin when Miceda leaves for the Akkala region. Meet Miceda on the islet in the center of Akkala Lake and he will ask you for help in gathering wood and recruiting people for his new settlement Daccapo. It is a complex multi-stage mini-challenge and now we will see them step by step. The first action will be to give him 10 bundles and he will ask you to find a strong Goron. You must teleport to the Oldin region, talk to Bullda in the mine south at night when she sits by the cauldron. When he sets off for the Daccapo village you have to teleport there again and talk to Miceda again and from now on you will have access to the village gem shop. After delivering another 20 bundles to Miceda he will ask you to find someone good at sewing. Go to the Arsur Bazaar during the day and talk to Pauda, ​​without wearing the women's dress, the Gerudo under the canopy outside the inn. Return to the village Daccapo after his departure and talk to Miceda again. From now on you can buy desert clothing from Pauda at the village. Give Miceda 30 bundles and he will ask you for a Rito merchant. Teleport to the Rito village and talk to Penda who stands next to the statue of the goddess. Go back to Daccapo village and talk to Miceda again. In the meantime, Penda has opened a new store where you can buy all kinds of arrows at excellent prices. Give Miceda 50 bundles and he will ask you to find a person capable of officiating a ceremony. Use the teleporter to go to the Zora village and talk to Kapoda who is on the top floor of the shrine. After he leaves for Daccapo village, teleport back there and talk to Miceda, who is staying at Pauda's clothes shop, and he will ask you to invite guests. Another teleport to go to Finterra and invite Cerada and Cercida, who are near Lonk's house, to the wedding ceremony. When they are on their way, teleport back to the Daccapo village and talk to Miceda again to start the wedding. At the end of the ceremony, speak with Miceda for the last time to conclude the quest and receive three diamonds. Meanwhile Kapoda has opened an inn where you can sleep for free at any time.


    Since there is a lot of wood required, there are places where you can find it more easily and in abundance. A great place is the Rito stabling, stop here often as it will be easy to get it. At the beginning of the story there is the old man's hut on the plateau of origins, most of the trees with the white trunk can be easily felled. In the valley leading to the Zora village there are several trees, the only problem is that you will encounter some lizalfos to bother you. Finally, in the post station east of the Yiga lair there are dozens of bundles that you can collect.






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