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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - Guide to the Shrines of the Tower of Finterra

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    The shrines inside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild they are points of reference that, as you continue in the adventure, you will meet along your way. Many of them are labyrinths or, in any case, very complex structures. This guide will reveal how to solve all the Shrines of the Torre di Finterra.


    Just south of the Finterra village, on a small plateau above the general store. Interact with the terminal at the top of the ladder to move the platform with the sphere through the controller's motion sensors. You have to advance the sphere through the maze to the next straight to give it momentum, raise the platform at the last moment so that the sphere can pass the hole and land on the fenced floor. At this point the sphere will roll by itself until it fits into the cavity and opens the door to the altar. To facilitate the path in the maze, flip the controller, in this way the back of the platform, being free of walls, will facilitate the path of the sphere. Also, before concluding at the altar take the chest hidden in the maze, just tilt the platform towards you near the terminal, lower it so much to allow you to glide towards it. After opening it, reach the altar again by going through the fenced section.


    The area of ​​interest is southeast of the Ranel tower, in the northern part of the Rabia plain, but will only be visible after completing a mini-challenge. Talk to Kashiwa who is on a rock next to the shrine activation pedestal. Then carefully approach one of the mountain deer in the area trying to get on its back. To do this it would be preferable to wear stealth clothing, which you can buy in the clothing and armor shop of the Calbaric village, otherwise you can try with a level 2 elusive potion, ultimately gliding on the animal from an elevated position to catch it by surprise. When you are close enough, press the A button to mount, then repeatedly press the L button to stroke him until he calms down, then ride to the pedestal where the shrine will reveal itself. Enter and get to the crystal, hit it three times to line up the rotating blocks with your platform. Leave a bomb next to the crystal and move to the rotating blocks, detonate the bomb and you will be taken to the only chest of the shrine. Raise the chest with kalamitron and drop with it on the ground floor, raise it again and take it to the switch on the floor in the fenced area. Rotate it 90 degrees clockwise from its initial position, this will raise the door leading to the altar. Go back to the crystal and hit it three times to move the spinning block next to you. Stay on the spinning block and activate the crystal three times, here's how. Leave a bomb next to the crystal, then use stasys on the laser beam emitter and immediately use the kalamitron to move the metal cube anywhere from the path, then place Link on the rotating platform. Stopped stasys the laser will activate the crystal once. Shoot an arrow at the crystal which will activate for the second time, then detonate the bomb on the ground to activate it the third time and reach the altar.

    SACRARY OF TAHNO AH - challenge of the shrines: the secret of the three cedars

    It is located northeast of the Finterra research center, in a cave in the snow-capped mountains. The challenge is to find the shrine through the clues provided by Clevia. At the top right are the tops of three trees in a row that indicate the path to the east, follow it. On a plateau on the east side of the mountains there are crushable rocks. By blasting them with a bomb you will see the shrine. Equip yourself with a level 2 cold defense to avoid taking damage. Enter the shrine, collect the chest on the way and reach the altar.


    To the southwest of the islet of Finterra is the Squamas promontory, gliding from there to the island you will arrive at the shrine. Here you will be dealing with a 4.0 nanoguardian.

    JITAH SAMI SHRINE - shrine challenge: Ranel's treasure

    On the summit of Mount Ranel, hidden in a cave is the shrine, here's how to get there. On the opposite side of the Finterra dry cleaners there are buildings and behind them is a man named Shimotsuke. Talk to him and then reach the top of Ranel Mountain where you will meet a giant. You have to free him from the grudge by hitting the corrupted spots on his body which are shaped like orange eyes. If you start by shooting an arrow at the corrupted spot on the head, the dragon will fly away. Then go to the top of the mountain along the path to the right of the source of wisdom, from there glide following the giant, take aim and shoot the arrows. At the end of the operation go back to the source, take a dig at the dragon to get a scale, throw it in the source and it will reveal the shrine. Go inside, pick up the chest along the way and get to the altar.


    North of the tower of Finterra, south of the square of Ranel there is a waterfall, go through the gallery to the right that will take you behind the waterfall where there is the shrine. Use the kalamiton to place three chests on the switch in the center of the floor. One is found in the water. One stands on a wooden platform and to make it fall you must set the platform on fire with a fire arrow or by cutting the two ropes that hold it up. The third is located on the elevator platform. Open them, place them and a metal cube will appear. With kalamiton move the cube, go up the elevator to the upper platform. When the elevator brings the cube back down, jump onto the cube and then onto the platform with the altar.

    LAMU YUO SACRARY - shrine challenge: the cursed statue

    This shrine will appear north of the Cotogno plateau, in turn north of the Finterra tower, at the bottom of the gorge strewn with statuettes, when you finish the corresponding challenge, and now let's see how to do it. At the Finterra wall there is a certain Carille, whether you talk to him or not, however, the challenge will be activated. Reach the end of the gorge with the statuettes at 21pm, you will see a statue with purple eyes, hit its face and the shrine will reveal itself. Once inside, go down the ramp to the room where the rotating blocks are. Walk to the base of one of the ramps. The vertical rotation of the structure will take you to the top of the ramp itself from where you can reach the gear in the center. From this position, glide until you reach two chests, one placed on a smaller rotating block and the other in an alcove in front of the gear. To get to the first one, when the platform passes under the mechanism you can glide from the central gear. Then return to the central gear and wait for one of the small triangular rotating blocks to come as close as possible. Jump on it and then walk slowly on the edge until the rotation will position it almost vertically, in this way you will be able to reach the steps on the upper side. Then from the stairs jump to the exit of the room to go to the altar that is nearby.

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