The Last of Us: the TV series will contain all the contents of the video game

As many will know, a television adaptation for The Last of Us to HBO Directed by the director of Chernobyl Craig Mazin and produced by N (To N), is one of the most anticipated TV series by gamers all over the world. After the release of the second chapter, in fact, many fans became even more passionate about the saga of The Last of Us. The idea of ​​making it a title for the small screen is certainly risky, as it is very difficult to satisfy everyone. Mazin issued a statement to the BBC, in which he stated that no content will be removed from the game, indeed the only changes will be for "to fill". He said:

I think the thing that worries fans most is that, when a property is licensed to someone else, they can't fully understand it and therefore change its meaning. On this aspect I am more than calm and I feel I can reassure the public. We are working with Nick's N, one of the guys he created The Last of Us, and so the changes we're making are designed to fill in some of the gaps and expand the whole thing. We don't want to cancel anything, but rather improve everything "

We just have to wait to find out some more news about this new one TV series output. For the moment we only know that it will be a title for Sony Pictures Television e PlayStation Productions, and will recount the events of the first two chapters.

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The Last of Us: the TV series officially enters production ❯
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