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Well June 14th 2013 has arrived, and with him a great gift !!! No, it's not summer but it is The Last of Us. The game has been called the best game of this generation by many magazines, including Empire. But will it all be true? I finished it as quickly as possible just to describe it to you. Find out with us if it is worth it to buy this title or not. We took 5 of the editorial staff, all 5 Limited Editions on Day One: this can already make you understand how high the hype was. All thanks to the news, videos and rumors left by Sony and its home, Naughty Dog (home of Crash and Uncharted). I insert the disk in the Ps3 (I remind everyone that The Last of Us is exclusive to Ps3 and Sony), and a fairly long loading starts: don't worry, it's the only loading of the game, while remaining smooth once in the game. The game starts, and we can already see how much the graphics have been pushed forward: sure, not as much as Beyond: Two Souls, but certainly better than Uncharted 3, and even then it was a mister graphics! Without telling you further so as not to spoil the story, I will describe the features of the game one by one. PS already after the first 10 minutes a tear fell at least to me.

Screen The game will show you our world 20 years after a contagion of a fungal infection (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, a fungus that actually exists but which for now has only infected some insects, but having the same effects as the game) which transforms all infected by spores. in a kind of zombie, aggressive and hungry. You will then find yourself in 2033, in a devastated America. The world is now divided into 3 factions: the Lights (Fireflies in English) armed group that tries to find a cure for the epidemic, the Hunters (Hunters in English) who live in recklessness, killing all the others to survive and the Survivors, that is, all those who take refuge to continue living. The protagonists are Joel, roughly a 40-year-old and a little girl named Ellie, 14 years. The plot is sublime, full of twists, with two primary characters characterized down to the nail and with secondary characters each with a different story, each with a different character, each realistic. Each person has gone through his or her stories and had their pains, and all this will be the cornerstone of the choices made by each character. But if you think that you will find yourself alone against these monsters, you are wrong: because more dangerous than these monsters are human beings, willing to do everything to survive, even to kill.

Sonoro The game shows superfine dialogues, dubbed in Spanish by high-class voice actors, resulting spontaneous. The music is compelling and all spot on, scene by scene. Ambient noises will come in very handy as it is what some monsters rely on to move, similar to bats.

Graphics The graphics are one of the best seen on Ps3, however, having some frame-rate drops and some grainy textures, as always in the titles developed with Havok, having them as a flaw in exchange for a high fluidity of movements. The expressions captured with Motion Capture are wonderful, every mood is seen imprinted on the faces of the various characters (for example when you strangle some human).

gameplay Here we move on to the second fundamental point, because it is not the plot alone that reigns supreme in this game, but also the gameplay. You will encounter two enemies: humans and the infected. Humans will have more and more well-stocked equipment as the story progresses, leading you to hit enemies more than once to strip them of their protective layers. The infected will have an increasingly higher degree of infection as the story continues: you will find the classic Runners, fast but not too lethal, or the devastating Clickers, who cannot see from their eyes but can kill with one shot. The game will not force you to kill every enemy, on the contrary, you can go ahead secretly, or kill everyone silently, or make a massacre with gunshots. Hits that will always be very scarce, making the sense of oppression given by survival. You can keep one of each weapon close at hand, while the others will be in your backpack and will force you to stop to take them out. You can also upgrade your weapons with objects you find around and build some objects including bombs and medkits with raw materials scattered throughout the game. The game will have 4 difficulties, three already unlocked (Easy, Medium and Hard) and one to unlock (Survival). You can also once finished the game, replay it at the same difficulty with the items you had at the beginning, in New Game +. The title will make you live a whole year, going through all four seasons, making you meet many people, pushing you to do everything to survive and taking the relationship between Joel and Ellie from two strangers to a Father - Daughter relationship.

Multiplayer The game also has a multiplayer mode, where you can be part of either the Hunters or the Lights, and where you will find yourself surviving for 12 weeks, and where in each week you can participate in two different types of games. Every day of the week in the game will be your online match, and you'll have to do whatever it takes to keep your population alive.

Report I'll go back to the initial speech: 5 of us bought it, 4 liked it to death, 1 defined it as an excellent title but they don't like it. This is, for me, the reason why this game can be called the best game so far released: 80% of those who bought the title in the editorial office loved it, loved them and is keeping them glued to the screen, counting that all 4, including myself, have different tastes, totally different, yet all agree in defining masterpiece this game.

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