The Last of Us Part II: two new gameplay videos leaked online

After yesterday's sad statement from N e Sony, which officially announced the second postponement of one of the most anticipated titles of this generation, the famous The Last Of Us Part II was the victim of a leak. In the past few hours, two videos have been leaked online showing phases of gameplay unpublished until now. THE two movies they are really short, with a total duration of just under two and a half minutes, but they could contain spoiler on the game. We therefore invite you not to continue reading this article if you do not want to know any details about Ellie's new adventure.

The first leaked video belongs to an old version of the title and shows a dialogue between Ellie and Dina while I'm on horseback. In the second video instead, much higher quality than the previous one, it is possible to see Ellie practicing with hers guitar.

Leaving you to watch the two videos, we remind you that the release of The Last of Us Part II is scheduled for PlayStation 4, but the title has unfortunately been postponed to a later date. While waiting to know more details on the new launch date of the game, we invite you to read our special that analyzes the figure of Joel.

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