The Last of Us Part II could break pre-order records

Just a few days ago, N, announced the official date of The Last Of Us Part II, a sequel to what was previously defined as one of the masterpieces of the last generation, which has remained etched in the memory of many gamers. According to some rumors, it would seem that this title has a chance to break pre-order records.

The famous market and sales expert figured this out, Benji Sales, who in the past had already predicted some "numbers" on the subject, and which proved him right. According to what Sales said, the pre-order of the game would have recorded a real record, but unfortunately he could not reveal more information about it:

I can't go into details, but trust me. I hear The Last of Us Part II broke all records for fastest pre-orders for a PS4 exclusive title.

Leaving you also the traielr of the game on the cover of the article to refresh your memory, we also offer you the Tweet of Sales at the bottom.

I cant go into details on this, so believe me if you trust me

I'm hearing The Last of Us Part II has broken all records for fastest pre-ordered Playstation 4 exclusive title. Physical and Digital

"You can't stop this"

- Benji-Sales (@BenjiSales) September 27, 2019


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