The Last of Us Part 2 will not receive DLC that will deepen the story

Despite The Last of Us Part 2 sold more than 4 million copies all over the world after only three days of its release, N, vice president of N, recently confirmed to Kinda Funny that the title will not have any DLC that will go into the main storyline. The first title, released in the "distant" 2013 on PS3 and later on PS4, contained within it the expansion "Left Behind“, Focusing mainly on the relationship between Ellie e Riley. We report below the words of Neil Druckmann:

With the first chapter we released a Season Pass, or something like that, which went into the story of the main game, but no… with TLoU Part 2 there are no plans for future DLCs.

Although the writer-director of the Santa Monica-based software house has confirmed that the title will not receive DLC in the near future, he reiterated that the development team will implement a online multiplayer mode completely separate from the main quest. We remind you that The Last of Us Part 2 is already available for purchase exclusively on PlayStation 4, and according to the words of SIE's Jim Ryan himself, the latest effort by Naughty Dog will also be playable on PlayStation 5. If you want to know more about the new work of the US development team, you can consult our spoiler-free review at the following link. 

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