The Last of Us Part 2: we study the trailer in relation to the game

Before the exit of The Last of Us Part 2 we were able to witness many game trailers, which in some cases have explained various playful mechanics present in the branded experience N, of which you can find our review at the following link. There was also no shortage of history, through various exciting scenes in which Ellie and Joel were able to show themselves fully. However, while many believed that the gameplay shown was entirely scripted and unrealistic, this feature was instead proposed for some cutscenes.

Before continuing with the article, we would like to remind you that the text contains major spoilers on the plot of The Last of Us Part 2, and that it could therefore undermine the experience of those who have not yet fully completed the game's campaign. 

All the videos shown before The Last of Us Part 2 debut actually featured one truly excellent editing mastery. While intriguing players from all over the world, the software house has in fact managed to completely hide the character of Abby, despite the fact that it was actually one of the two protagonists of the game. The most relevant detail, however, concerns the early death of Joel, as the smuggler, in the trailers, has been replaced in advanced sections of the work. Since the first video of the game, many have assumed that the man was actually dead, and that Ellie was thus speaking of her hatred to a nonexistent figure. Although these were in fact scenes not present in the title, the developers still managed to make us believe that the man would have been present for the whole adventure, covering his back to the girl just as it happened in the first chapter.

To convince the player of Joel's presence there is a particular scene, in which the man stops Ellie from behind by covering her mouth, to save her from the imminent danger the girl is running into. Paying particular attention, however, it is already possible to notice how the cut in the scene between the girl and the man highlights an identical scenario, hardly distinguishable in the area where Ellie was. However, Jesse is embracing Ellie's fate, as we will discover in the full game, as the boy has decided to set out himself to avenge the death of the smuggler, while trying to support Tommy.

Apart from real narrative plots, the trailers also hide some details omitted in the communication phase, which therefore do not allow to have complete clarity on the narrative arcs addressed. An example is the arduous discussion between Joel and Ellie, where the girl actually wears short hair, as the story is dealt with some time before the main narrative arc.

Thanks to the technique adopted by Naughty Dog, watching The Last of Us Part 2 trailers before getting their hands on the game is an excellent solution for users, who are therefore shaken by the flow of in-game events, which despite a main plot not extremely difficult to understand actually become completely unexpected. Who would have thought, but The Last of Us Part 2 trailers also contain one of the game's final scenes, or Ellie's liberating cry following the final confrontation with Abby.

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