The Last of Us Part 2: the weight of the game and the number of discs revealed

The last few days have really been a swing of emotions, positive and negative, regarding the arrival of The Last of Us Part 2: after the postponement due to the coronavirus, the famous spoiler video leaked online, and the announcement of the new release date set for the June 19 2020, today new information regarding the development of the title has been released.

To do so was Sony Interactive Entertainment which has recently updated its game page on the official PlayStation site. The post released on the page, in addition to containing all the technical information and not only on the title, also contains the number of discs on which the title was made which seems to be even 2. Similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, also physically present up 2 Blu-ray, the weight of the latest work developed by N is approximately 100 GB required for installation plus future updates in progress.

Nowadays more and more titles require a large space between installation and future updates (Call of Duty Modern Warfare has just touched 200 GB), for this reason we urge you to make space in the PlayStation 4 Hard Disk so as not to be caught unprepared. upon the arrival of The Last of Us Part 2.


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