The Last of Us Part 2: The trophy list anticipates the arrival of permanent death

Apparently the news on The Last of Us Part 2 do not stop, despite the title of N has been released for 2 months now. That said, it would seem that the US company has made some additions to the trophy list: in particular we are referring to a new goal, included in the section dedicated to Realism mode and therefore not necessary for obtaining the Platinum of the game. Logically you can check this addition directly with your eyes, by going to the dedicated menu of your staff PlayStation 4.

The trophy in question has been renamed in the European version with "You can't prevent it“, And to intrigue the whole community was his description, which explains verbatim how to get this achievement of bronze"Complete the entire story with a permanent death setting on". It goes without saying that a feature still unknown to us is mentioned, which will most likely be added shortly with one of the next updates. Get ready, because apparently we are facing a challenge that is almost certainly very difficult to overcome.

At this point we can stand here to start a billion hypotheses about what this "permanent death" really is, however the most popular fan idea refers to a hypothetical option that, if activated, would not allow the player to die: if something goes wrong, the adventure will most likely start all over again, with no chance of returning. This is a feature that many of you have probably been waiting for, also because the latter would be able to increase the difficulty and the challenges that the game is able to propose. We are obviously just doing some suppositions which at any moment could turn out to be false, since nothing has been confirmed by those in charge. Before leaving, we refer you to our curated review of The Last of Us Part 2, which may interest you if you still have doubts about its purchase.

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