The Last of Us Part 2: the director talks about the inspiration for Metal Gear Solid 2

The Last of Us Part 2 has finally made its debut, offering a narrative not appreciated by all, which nevertheless has certainly been well researched by the developer Naughty Dog. You can find our game review at the following link. We are talking specifically about some choices made that were really courageous, and which nevertheless seem not to have been completely patented by the director. N. In fact, during the Spoilercast of Kinda Funny Games, the developer talked about the exact inspiration that led to a certain directorial choice, which comes directly from one of Hideo Kojima's masterpieces, Metal Gear Solid 2.

Before talking to you about the exact inspiration taken by Neil Druckmann for The Last of Us Part 2 we remind you that the article will contain minor and major spoilers about the game, therefore advising you to pay attention in case you have not yet completed the entire campaign of the game. 

Yes, let's talk specifically about the trailers shown, as well as in different sections of specially altered scenes, in such a way as to confuse the player and hide some details on the plot. As confirmed by the director, this particular choice has already been applied to Metal Gear Solid 2, a title that Neil Druckmann confirms to particularly appreciate. The similarities are found in having hidden - almost - completely the protagonist Abby, just as happened with the character of Raiden, but also in misleading information regarding Joel's death.

Also for this reason, all the newsrooms and influencers who received The Last of Us Part 2 as a preview had the obligation to maintain the utmost confidentiality on the aforementioned information, considering also that due to the leaks shown some have unfortunately received more spoilers on the plot. In any case, it is certainly nice to discover that the director wanted to admit his inspirations, and it is not to be excluded that sooner or later Hideo Kojima may sympathetically respond to this pleasant dig from his colleague.

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