The Last of Us Part 2 - Skill Upgrades and Manuals Guide

Apart from the numerous tools and various weapons present in The Last of Us Part 2, the developer N has offered players the opportunity to enhance some characteristics of the characters, be it passive skills or other features to simplify the experience. However, the various options of choice and the gills are numerous, and we're here to just make the situation clearer and provide you with advice on which skills to improve.

Before leaving you to our guide, we remind you that the following text may contain major and minor spoilers on The Last of Us Part 2. These in several cases concern details of the game script, but also more or less advanced playful insights. With either category, you may run into enough detail to undermine your pad experience. In the event that you have not concluded the experience and do not want to incur any kind of advances, we advise you not to continue with the reading of the following text. 

Le pills that you will find during the adventure will serve to improve the potential of Ellie and Abby, but don't worry because these are not shared between the two protagonists. In this way you will be able to get bonuses in some very essential cases, but you will need them find Survival Manuals which will unlock the various gills of the characters, up to the total of 5 moon. In the following text you will find information on the exact positioning of the manuals, together with an explanation of the various skills of the protagonists.

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Survival (220)

  • Movement Speed ​​Listening Mode I (30)
  • Rapid Medical Kits (30)
  • Increased Energy (60)
  • Movement Speed ​​Listening Mode II (40)
  • Tenacity (60)

Creation (manual need) (170)

  • Craft melee power-ups (20)
  • Quick Create (40)
  • Smoke Maker (30)
  • Create Improved Medical Kits (40)
  • Create Extra Smoke (40)

Head north to the broken highway bridge between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. There is a fire truck on the bridge. Get on the military truck parked near the bridge, from its roof you can jump to the fire truck. Pick up the fire hose and throw it across the bridge to a stretch of highway with an overturned truck. Go down through the pipe and head to the truck to find the manual.

Stealth (manual necessity) (210)

  • Make Silencers (20)
  • Listening mode accuracy (40)
  • Quick lying down movement (50)
  • Improved Silencers (40)
  • Faster stealth eliminations (60)

After jumping off the Motel (or pushing the dumpster to jump over the fence), walk all the way to the left to find a bookstore across from a gas station. Enter the bookstore and the cash register room to find the Training Manual.

Accuracy (manual need) (180)

  • Stability boost (30)
  • Quick Sight Movement (30)
  • Listening Mode Range (40)
  • Breath (40)
  • Make Extra Arrows (40)

In the middle of the chapter set in Hillcrest, you will have to push a dumpster on a road, so as to jump into a building with a workbench inside. Once you leave this property you will come to a shopping area to the left and right. Enter the first shop on the right “Goldstar Liquor”. Go down to the cellar but watch out for 2 Shamblers. Exit the cellar using the hole where the light comes from to reach a kindergarten. The Training Manual is on the floor there.

Explosives (manual need) (170)

  • Craft Explosive Arrows (20)
  • Improved Booby Traps (20)
  • Improved Molotov cocktails (40)
  • Create extra booby traps (50)
  • Craft Extra Explosive Arrows (40)

After passing the flyover on the main road (immediately after a taxi), turn left to reach a long apartment building. In front of the closed main entrance there is a parked truck. Climb to the roof, from there jump to the roof of the apartment building. Enter the window and go to the first room on the left. interact with the workbench and an enemy will attack you from behind. Kill him and his gang, then enter the room where they started the assault to find a Training Manual.


Operating Strategies (190)

  • Boosted Energy (30)
  • Listening Mode Accuracy (40)
  • Breath (30)
  • Listening Mode Range (40)
  • Boosted Energy (50)

Undercover (manual necessity) (200)

  • Craft daggers (20)
  • Movement Speed ​​Listening Mode I (40)
  • Enemy Grabbed Movement Speed ​​(50)
  • Fast Lying Movement (40)
  • Make Extra Daggers (50)

Once you get to the boat hanging from the ceiling, before taking the ladder to use to climb the beams, enter the middle and you will find the manual.

Close Combat (Manual Need) (210)

  • Momentum (40)
  • Create Improved Medical Kits (50)
  • Aim Stability Increase (20)
  • Rapid Medical Kits (50)
  • Momentum Duration (50)

After splitting up with Manny you will enter the “Spycy Dumpling” shop, continue under the stairs and climb over the broken window before reaching the next building. The manual is immediately on the left.

Firearms (manual necessity) (30180

  • Craft Incendiary Cartridges (20)
  • Craft Hunting Pistol Ammo (20)
  • Quick Aim Movement (40)
  • Craft Extra Hunting Pistol Ammo (50)
  • Make Extra Fire Cartridges (50)

After defeating the muscular woman armed with a pickaxe, enter the “La Rosa's Auto Stop” facility. Head into the lobby on the right, and turn right again to enter an office, there you will find the manual on a desk.

Armaments (manual necessity) (170)

  • Quick Create (20)
  • Improved Melee Weapon Upgrades (40)
  • Improved Tube Bombs (30)
  • Improved Silencers (40)
  • Make Extra Tube Bombs (40)

Total = 1900 Supplements

You will find the latest manual on the boat that is teeming with infected, precisely at the helm room, open the safe with the code 90-77-01 to grab it.

As you walk through the Island chapter, you can retrieve some manuals in case you missed some. These can be found in a van, available as soon as you climb the first ladder.

Hoping that the guide was useful, and that you were able to successfully find all the manuals and exploit their potential, we refer you to our dedicated section, where there is further in-depth material on The Last of Us Part 2 and many other titles.

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