The Last of Us Part 2 officially postponed to May 29, 2020

Sometimes it happens that something so desired slips out of our hands a moment before we have grasped it and, consequently, we are disappointed by what has just happened. Trying not to get too melancholy what is today the most anticipated title ever in the videogame panorama, that is The Last of Us Part 2, has been officially postponed.

Fortunately, there is no mention of an exaggerated postponement but of just three months; months that will serve the software house N to polish all aspects of the game a bit. The reason for the postponement in fact, as he explains Neil Druckmann on the PlayStation blog, is totally due to the technical timing to make the game qualitatively perfect, or as they say "Naughty Dog quality".

The game had been introduced to the general public not long ago and had been a huge success on a large scale. What the game needs now is more time to be able to bring it to an almost perfect level while also unloading the work stress of the developers who are giving their all in every respect. The development team also apologized for not keeping to the commitments made with the public: "We want to disappoint our fans and for that we are really sorry."

We all look forward to the arrival of May 2020 as soon as possible in order to finally be able to reunite with Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2.

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