The Last of Us Part 2: new tips on the arrival of multiplayer

In the past few hours, the vice president of the US video game manufacturer N reminded us of the arrival of a long-awaited mode on The Last of Us Part 2. As we all know, the infamous was held recently The Last of Us Day, an event that, for the uninitiated, the US company undertakes to organize every year to celebrate the year of the release of the first game. The company has obviously prepared many surprises for the fans, and has well thought of making a big change: before this day it was known as "Outbreak Day", However the name was changed and the decision was motivated by the fact that before it was not directly traced back to the history of Ellie e Joel, and actually it was a bit too generic a name.

With this occasion, yesterday the company also wanted to organize promotions and news, which you can still consult in our dedicated article. Today however, N he wanted, through his post on the Twitter platform, to thank in a very sweet way all the fans for all the support given yesterday: "your positivity is very stimulating for us". However, before concluding the message, he left another statement, which reminds us of the arrival of the modality multiplayer within The Last of Us Part 2: in the last period in fact, it was assumed that this would no longer be added, as it is now considered a discarded project.

We are referring to one sentence in particular: "Oh… and about that other thing… be patient. It will be worth it". Almost certainly, although we cannot know with absolute certainty, the publisher's vice president is referring to the alleged online component of the game, much discussed and awaited since before its release. We would like to clarify that in the past we have been confirmed several times that sooner or later a modality based on the evolution of the modality Factions of the first chapter will arrive, however in fact we have not heard anything more about it, and we have not been updated, at least until now ...

Thank you to all the wonderful fans for an incredible #TheLastofUsDay! Your positivity and love is incredibly inspiring. Oh… and about that other thing… be patient. It'll be worth it. ❤️

- Dr. Uckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) September 27, 2020

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