The Last of Us Part 2: new gameplay at the State of Play

The debut of The Last of Us Part 2 is now close, in that N will officially publish his new work on June 19 2020. Before the big day, the company decided to dedicate one State of Play official entirely to the game, showing many unpublished scenes and making a recap of what has been developed through the voice of the director Neil Druckmann. The video presented was quite long, as its duration is over 20 minutes, divided between unpublished scenes and breathtaking clips already previously shown by the company. You can find the aforementioned short film on the cover of the article.

After some details on the gameplay of the work and several hints to the events that will color the final script, there was time to also show a original gameplay and not commented, which ended the video with a truly unexpected twist. All of this is obviously not designed to ruin the experience for players, but it undoubtedly creates a lot of hype for all PlayStation 4 owners and for those who want to approach the branded console. Sony.

We therefore hope that The Last of Us Part 2 manages to reach the qualitative heights of the first chapter, considering that what is shown is more than promising. The story of Ellie is therefore ready to continue on the current generation, albeit a possible porting dedicated to PlayStation 5 it could be announced over the next few months. We will analyze the game in our dedicated review, stay tuned to our pages to find out more details about it as soon as possible!

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