The Last of Us Part 2: Multiplayer Mode Coming for Outbreak Day?

After several months from the release of the game in stores it would seem to have started to wane the interest in The Last of Us Part 2, masterpiece di N released exclusively on PlayStation 4 last June 19th. Direct sequel to the first chapter, the game tells the dramatic events that see the human race forced to defend itself from the plague of a terrible fungus called Cordyceps, capable of transforming animals and people into uncontrollable, aggressive and unpredictable beings. In the game, the epidemic that brought humanity to its knees reached a critical level during the so-called "Outbreak Day", Or the September 26th of 2013.

That date is celebrated in the real world by Naughty Dog herself, who takes the opportunity to release each year new contents to celebrate the success of the game and thank its community of fans. On the occasion of the approach ofOutbreak Day 2020, many are wondering what news the American software house could announce and, considering the tradition carried on since 2013, everything suggests that this year the date will not be overshadowed by Naughty Dog. It is obviously not possible to say what will be announced, given the lack of information from the software house, yet we are able to hypothesize that it may be the date on which the much chat could be released - or at least announced - multiplayer mode of The Last of Us Part 2. Indeed, as announced about three months ago by N, the game will be able to count on an evolution of the Factions mode present in the first chapter which, due to the vastness of the contents present and its continuous evolution, could not be released at the launch of the game.

Considering how the existence of this mode has already been officially confirmed, the ideal opportunity to provide information on or even make it available could only be Outbreak Day. Obviously, since it is only pure hypotheses, we just have to wait for the end of the countdown to find out what the celebration of September 26th has in store for us this year.


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