The Last of Us Part 2: let's see the movie "Inside the Details"

Sony has recently released a new video dedicated to The Last of Us Part 2, this time entitled "Inside the Details". In it, director Neil Druckmann and other developers discuss the attention to the various details and aspects that characterize the game, from places to characters. We have therefore arrived at the third appointment with the series of documentary videos carried out by N, which previously posted a story-focused backstory and a gameplay backstory.

The fourth, and probably last, movie will be called “Inside the World”, in which we will almost certainly see more details on the setting and settings, and will be released on June 3rd. We remind you that The Last of Us Part 2 will be available on PlayStation 4 starting next June 19th. In case you missed it, we also refer you to the long gameplay video shown last night at the State of Play, which you can find at this link. Below, however, the tweet of Naughty Dog dedicated to the documentary video:

The new episode of Inside #TheLastofUsPartII is now available. This week, we're discussing the development philosophy, technology, and attention to detail that went into the making of the game. Watch here:

Tune in next Wednesday for our final installment.

- Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) May 28, 2020

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